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Hero Dog Leads Owner to Baby Bear in Need of Rescue

dog leads owner to baby bear
Image by Newsflare via YouTube

It’s not every day that you come across a baby bear on your forest walk, not even if you live in Russia. Thanks to this dog and her amazing nose, a baby bear is rescued when she leads her owner to the abandoned cub.

Stumbling Across a Baby Bear

If you have a dog you surely know how they have a tendency to know when something is wrong. They definitely have what we humans would call a “gut feeling.” 

The dog in this story, Elsa, undoubtedly has this gut feeling. During a walk in the forest, in Irkutsk, Russia, she got a whiff of trouble.

Following her instincts, Elsa led her owners off the beaten path where they stumbled upon a small bear cub. The cub, evidently weak and barely moving, was in desperate need of help.

Baby Bear’s Lucky Day

It was this baby bear’s lucky day not only because it got rescued – but also because it was found by two zoo workers. Being professionals (the dog owner and the person filming) they knew exactly how to handle the situation.

Recognizing the dire situation, they were quickly able to assess the cub’s condition and understood the urgent care it required.

On the Brink of Starvation

dog leads owner to baby bear
Image by Newsflare via YouTube

Veterinarians who later examined the bear cub were deeply concerned about its health, noting its severe underweight condition. At an age where it should have been around 33 pounds, the cub weighed just under 8 pounds. They estimated that without intervention, the cub would have survived less than a day.

Dog Leads Owner to Abandoned Baby Bear: Wrapping Up

baby bear brown
Image by Janko Ferlic via Unsplash

This is not the first nor the last time a life will be saved thanks to a dog’s incredible sense of smell. What did we ever do to deserve dogs?

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