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Elephants Protect Their Babies from Wild Dogs

Elephants surround babies
Elephants protecting their calves from wild dogs. Image by Animals Around the Globe via YouTube

Elephants are known as highly intelligent and emotional animals. A recent video taken by game ranger Matthew Grosset shows how intelligent they are. In the video, a herd of elephants form a protective circle around their youngest members to protect them from a pack of African wild dogs.

The Elephant Matriarch

Elephants live in complex social matriarchal groups, where leadership and wisdom are passed down through female lineage. Every family member plays a role in raising and defending their young calves. As shown in the video, not only does the mother protect the calves, but the entire group does so. It’s as if the young calves understand what to do in the face of danger and stay close to the adults for protection.

Watch: Wild Dogs encounter Elephants, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Animals Around The Globe

Wild dogs: Opportunistic Predators

The wild dogs are in the background, waiting momentarily to attack a calf. However, their strategies do not work because of the herd’s diligence. Towards the end of the video, a male elephant shows his dominance and chases the wild dogs.

Wild dogs are also remarkably social creatures. They rely on their pack to survive, and monogamous alpha-breeding pairs usually lead the packs. Similar to elephants, there is an alpha female who leads the pack.


Baby Elephant Running
Baby Elephant Running. Image by fouroaks via Depositphotos

Wild dogs communicate through various sounds, body language, and scents. Elephants also communicate through sounds, body language, and scents. However, recent studies suggest that they can communicate by sensing vibrations in the ground. These vibrations are generated by low-frequency rumbles and are detected through sensitive pads on their feet.


This beautiful sighting of elephants protecting their calves gives us insight into their social bonds. It pulls at one’s heartstrings to see animals so protective and loving towards their babies.

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