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Watch: The Mighty Lion’s ROAR

Beautiful Mighty Lion
Beautiful Mighty Lion. Image by yulia-zl18 via Depositphotos

In this amazing video sent to us by Matthew Grossett taken in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, we can hear the powerful roar of a male lion. But before we have a look at the video, let’s learn a bit more about why, how, and when lions roar. 

What Happens in the Video

lioness growling
Image by Norbert Pietsch via Pixabay

I promise the video is coming. But first, let’s chat about what we see. In the video taken by Matt in the northern Kruger National Park, Mapoza, a male lion, expresses himself through his roar. Now let’s explore what he might have been expressing! 

Why Do Lions Roar? 

lion roar
Image by Chriskruger via

The male lion’s roar is a way of showing their strength and power. They let out their deep roars to scare away intruders from their territory and protect their pride. Or, to prove to females that they are the superior choice as a mate. Lions also use their roars as a means of communication with each other during hunting and everyday life. 

How Do Lions Roar? 

lion roar
Image by znm666 via

Did you know only four of the Big Cat species can roar? The leopard, tiger, jaguar, and of course, the lion! These animals can roar due to the special hyoid bones in their throat and their unique vocal cords. This allows these big cats to produce powerful, deep, and beautiful roars. But, unlike other cats, they can’t purr. 

When Do Lions Roar? 

Lonely lion resting upon the rock. Masai Mara national park, Kenya, Africa. Image by znm666 via

These mighty kings of the jungle roar for many reasons. They express their powerful roars when they want to mate, as a warning of potential intruders to avoid their territory and to protect their pride. Lions also roar while they hunt to communicate and be aware of each other and their prey. 

Facts About Lion’s Roar

A male lion standing his ground. Image by Silvano Ernest via Image by Silvano Ernest via Pexels
  1. Lions have the loudest roar of all the big cats!
  2. Their roars are clock in at the same noise level as a chainsaw – loud!
  3. A lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away.
  4. Lions can’t purr like other cats. 
  5. Baby lions make little roaring sounds when they play with each other.

The Video

Now, the moment you have been waiting for! Here is the amazing video of Mapoza roaring in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. 

YouTube video
Epic Video: King of the Jungle showing off his powerful roar. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: Animals Around The Globe

The Last Roar

lions roar
Lion roaring under the blue sky. Image by fleckus via

Now that you have goosebumps, just imagine what it is like hearing this roar up close! No wonder these apex predators are considered the kings of the jungle. If you want to learn more about the lion and the other big cat species, why not go over to our dedicated big cat page

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