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German Shepherd Meets a Kitten For the First Time and Quickly Become Friends

german shepherd meets kitten
Image by Rocky via YouTube

A German shepherd meets a kitten for the first time ever, and this cute pair (probably soon-to-be besties) disprove the silly myth that cats and dogs can’t be friends.

Quickly Getting to Know the German Shepherd Breed

german shepherd meets kitten
Image by Rocky via YouTube

German Shepherds are known for their courage, intelligence, and versatility – all traits that make them perfectly suited for police and rescue work. 

And it’s true that they make great working dogs, but they also make great family dogs. Despite being fairly large doggos, weighing between 50 to 90 pounds, they possess a calm and gentle demeanor.  

Do German Shepherds Get Along Well With Cats?

german shepherd meets kitten
Image by Rocky via YouTube

Of course there’s no black and white answer to this, all German Shepherds have individual personalities just like people. 

However, their very strong protective instincts usually mean that they’ll want to protect all members of their pack – extending to any feline family members. Chances are even bigger that they’ll get along if they’re also introduced at a young age. 

German Shepherd Meets Kitten: The Video

YouTube video
“German Shepherd Meets New Kitten for the First Time!”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Rocky

How Does He React to Meeting a Kitten for the First Time?

This German Shepherd called Rocky meets a kitten for the first time and immediately jumps onto the bed and starts sniffing away to get acquainted with this odd, small and fluffy thing.

Rocky continues to investigate the kitten and with an excitedly wagging tail – but he still looks a tad confused.

Eventually, he calms down, feeling completely at easy in the company of his new companion – you can tell that it won’t be long before they become besties.

German Shepherd Meets Kitten: Wrapping Up

This adorable duo, a massive dog and a tiny kitten, quickly get along and will probably soon become best friends. Maybe dogs and cats aren’t frenemies after all?

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