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Cat Scares Coyotes and Saves Her Dog Sister From an Attack

cat scares coyotes
Image by KCAU-TV Sioux City via YouTube

They’re polar opposites: a black cat and a white dog, but they’re siblings, and that’s all that matters. Scroll down to watch the video where this hero cat scares two coyotes and saves her sister from an attack!

Introducing the Main Characters

cat scares coyotes
Image by Lane Dyer

The two main characters in this story are a black cat called Binx and a Havanese dog called Oakley. Although cats and dogs are typically depicted as enemies, these two cuties love each other the way only siblings can.

Binx was originally a street cat, and in a way she adopted the family, and not vice versa, when she was two months old and just showed up at their house.

The Coyote Attack

Oakley had been let out to do her business one last time before bedtime when two coyotes sprang out of the darkness and started attacking her.

Binx, who’d probably sensed something was off, appears and heads straight for the coyotes and scares them off. This gives Oakley just enough time to escape to safety inside.

Oakley Still Sustained some Pretty Serious Injuries

Binx definitely saved Oakley’s life, but for the short duration of the coyote attack, Oakley still sustained some pretty severe injuries.

The coyotes had bitten her chest and side, and blood was pouring out at an alarming rate. They rushed her to the hospital, where she was operated on and her leg put into a splint.

Today, she’s almost fully healed, although it remains uncertain whether or not she’ll have to amputate her leg.

The Video: Cat Scares Coyotes and Saves Dog Sister

YouTube video
Cat saves dog being attacked by coyotes”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: KCAU-TV Sioux City

Wrapping Up

It seems that pitting cats and dogs against each other is all but an old myth! This cat saving her dog sister shows the strong bonds that can be formed between these two species.

Thank you for reading this story about the cat that scares coyotes away to save her dog sister! For more posts like this, take a look here:

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