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Discover Johnny Depp’s Favorite Animals

johnny depp favorite animals
Image Credit: Georges Biard

Welcome to Johnny Depp’s Favorite Animals.

Johnny Depp has acting talent, but did you know that he’s also a huge animal lover? The actor has a soft spot for creatures of all shapes and sizes and has shown his love for animals time and time again. 

Here, we’ll examine Johnny Depp‘s top 10 favorite animals and why he loves them so much. You can read the entire article or jump to any section.

#10 Pigs

Domestic Pig

Johnny Depp has a soft spot for pigs and spends time with them on his farm (of course, as a big celebrity, he owns multiples houses around the country). He says that he finds their playful, affectionate nature heartwarming and that he loves the unique personalities of each pig he meets. Awesome!

Depp also has them as co-stars in his movies, including the 1999 classic “Sleepy Hollow.” Did you know that?

#9 Bats

the cutest bats

Johnny Depp loves bats and keeps several of the mysterious creatures as pets. He even says that he finds their unique appearance intriguing and beautiful. That is for sure a unique animal among Johnny Depp’s favorite animals.

Johnny also wears bat-inspired jewelry and portrays a vampire who can turn into a bat in the “Dark Shadows” movie from 2012.

#8 Owls

Mexican Spotted Owl

Johnny Depp is fascinated with owls and keeps several mysterious birds as pets. He says that he finds their quiet, watchful nature to be comforting. And yes, they can be pretty cute!

He also wears owl-inspired jewelry and has an owl tattoo on his arm. A memory for him that will last for a long time. Wow.

#7 Cats

cat as pet

Johnny Depp has a soft spot for cats and owns many (as many people do!). He even brings them to movie sets with him.

Johnny says he finds their independent nature endearing and entertaining and appreciates their quiet companionship. We agree; cats are pretty cute.

#6 Lizards

Johnny Depp likes lizards and keeps several of them as pets. He is seen carrying them around with him on movie sets—another rather particular animal on this list of the actor’s favorite animals.

Indeed something to appreciate.

#5 Chickens

difference between a hen and a chicken

Johnny Depp loves chickens and spends time with them at his ranch (again, obviously, he owns a ranch). He even names some of them after famous musicians, including Keith Richards and Alice Cooper.

Depp says that he finds their clucking to be soothing and that he appreciates their unique personalities. Also, nice to get some fresh eggs in the morning, isn’t it?

#4 Parrots

colorful parrot

Johnny Depp is a big fan of parrots and has several colorful birds at his home. He teaches them tricks and even trains them to converse with him.

Johnny states that he loves the personality and intelligence of parrots and finds them endlessly entertaining. Like, is he even talking to them?

#3 Snakes

eastern rat snake

Another extraordinary animal. Johnny Depp is fascinated with snakes and keeps several as pets. He even named one of his guitars after his favorite snake, a Diamond Python named Emily.

Johnny comments that he finds their quiet, reflective nature calming and that they are fascinating animals to observe when he has some free time.

#2 Horses

Johnny Depp has had a passion for horses since he is a kid. He even adopts several horses from film sets and has them at his ranch in Kentucky. He is seen riding them in several of his movies, including “Sleepy Hollow” and “The Lone Ranger.” Two viral movies among his fans.

Johnny describes horses as “majestic creatures” and finds riding them a meditative experience, as many people do!

#1 Dogs


Johnny Depp is a massive fan of dogs and owns several breeds, including Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and Pomeranians. He is known to bring his dogs to movie sets and even have them accompany him on press tours.

Johnny is quoted as saying that “dogs are better than most people” and that they bring him joy and comfort. Something we think many people would support.

Summary of Johnny Depp’s Favorite Animals

johnny depp favorite animals
Image Credit: Harald Krichel; Wikimedia Commons

So looking at the list above, one can say that the actor has a special love for some extraordinary animals. He is not only sharing his love with his fans but also with nature and the wildlife living in it.

Johnny Depp‘s love for animals is apparent in the various animals he has kept as pets over the years. Some of them even as tattoos on his skin.

The actor has shown that he has a soft spot for all animals and finds comfort and joy in their company, from dogs to horses to snakes. We love him for his unique taste and hope he will bring us more joy with these funny animals.

Thank you for reading Johnny Depp’s favorite animals. Want to know more about animals? Look at Scary Dogs and How to Handle Them or Lion vs Tiger.

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