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Watch as Lion Snatch Elephant Baby when the Mother was not Looking

Lion Snatch Elephant Baby when Mother was not Looking
Photo: James GiffordCaters
Youtube: Maasai Sightning

In the Masai Mara, a drama that captures the stark reality of life in the African savannah unfolds. 

This video filmed by the Karen Blixen Camp reveals a lioness seizing an opportunity to attack an elephant calf, separated from its mother. 

This incident highlights the survival challenges faced by young animals and the predatory instincts of lions in their natural habitat.

The Predatory Strategy of Lions

lion roaring

Lions, known as apex predators, typically avoid adult elephants due to their size and strength. However, they will opportunistically target young elephants if they become isolated from the herd. This video captures such a rare moment, showcasing the strategic and opportunistic nature of lion-hunting tactics.

The Vulnerability of the Elephant Calf

Walking african elephants mother and baby (Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya)

The elephant calf becomes an easy target, separated from its protective mother and the herd’s safety. This separation, possibly due to various natural circumstances, demonstrates the vulnerability of young wildlife in the savannah.

The Lioness’ Opportunistic Attack

Lioness Roaring the Streets of Berlin

In the video; Lion Snatch Elephant Baby, the lioness observes and waits for the perfect moment to strike, showcasing the cunning and patience that are hallmarks of lion-hunting behavior. The attack, though brutal, is a natural part of the ecosystem and the food chain in the African savannah.

Survival in the Masai Mara

The world famous wildebeest migration takes place in Masai mara. Here the wildebeest are getting ready to jump into the river for the crossing. Photograph by

The Masai Mara is a complex ecosystem where predator-prey interactions are crucial for maintaining ecological balance. This footage provides a raw and unfiltered look at animals’ challenges in this environment.

Conservation and Understanding Wildlife Behavior

Roaring lion

Witnessing such interactions is vital for understanding wildlife behavior and the importance of conservation efforts. It reminds us of the delicate balance in nature and the need to protect these wild spaces.


An elephant herd, led by a Magnificent ‘Tusker’ bull at a waterhole in the Addo Elephant National Park.

The video from the Masai Mara is a gripping testament to the challenges of survival in the wild. It underscores animals’ harsh realities in their natural habitats and the perpetual struggle between predator and prey.

Thank you for reading this article and wathing the video of when a Lion Snatch Elephant Baby. I hope you enjoyed and learned som things!

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