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Mother Dog Caught in Hunting Trap and Goes Looking For Her Babies

dog stuck in hunters trap
Image by Kritter Klub via YouTube

This mother dog is caught in a hunting trap, but despite her immense pain and only being able to use three legs – she keeps fighting for her beloved puppies.

Limping on Three Legs in the Freezing Cold

A white fluffy dog is seen limping around in the countryside of South Korea during the freezing cold winter. Locals, concerned about the limping, get closer and see that her one paw is stuck in a hunting trap.

They do their best to catch it – concerned it’ll die either from the freezing cold or from its injury – but it flees the scene at the sight of any human.

Looking For Something

Locals continue to keep an eye on the dog and soon realize that it’s looking for something. This is when they check a small shelter they’d previously made for her, and sure enough – in here they find two (even fluffier and even cuter) puppies waiting for their mom.

Rescue Team Intervenes

They realize that this dog is in need rescuing right now, or otherwise, neither her nor her puppies will make it.

A rescue team arrives, and after some struggle, they manage to catch her with a net (of course her babies go with her as well!) When seen up close, the wound looks even worse than they anticipated and the situation at hand becomes even more urgent.

She Has To Amputate Her Leg

dog stuck in hunters trap
Image by Kritter Klub via YouTube

Once at the vet, they first remove the hunting trap and then do X-rays to assess how deep the damage runs.

Unfortunately, the vet decides that the only way to ensure her survival is to amputate her leg.

Although this may seem sad, it’s still a small price to pay for survival. When the rescue team visits the hospital after three weeks, she’s already adjusting well to three-legged life and her puppies are safe with her.

The Video: Mother Dog Caught In Hunting Trap

YouTube video
“Dog caught by hunting trap, looks for her missing puppies”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Kritter Klub

Wrapping Up

Can you believe the resilience and maternal instincts of this mother dog caught in a hunting trap? She proved to be a true fighter and definitely would’ve kept on fighting had she not been timely rescued.

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