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Mother Lion Pushes Cub Into Water to Teach It How to Swim

mother lion pushes cub into water
Image by Bob Kovacs via YouTube

Scroll down to watch this video of a mother lion teaching her cub a hard (but very important) lessen as she pushes into the water for a surprise dip!

When Do Lions Learn How To Swim?

Adorable baby lion cub. Image via Pexels

Just like their house cat relatives, lions aren’t the biggest fan of water – but desperate times call for desperate measures.

In the wild, they usually encounter water for the first time around 6 months of age when they have to cross a river or something of the like. Although zoo habitats are controlled, similar introductions to water can occur accidentally, as seen in the video.

Is This Maternal Instinct at Play?

Tiny lion cubs with mother.
Tiny lion cubs with mother. Image by lifeonwhite via Depositphotos

This mother quite literally threw her cub into the deep end, and sometimes that’s the best way to learn something.

The actions of the mother lion might seem surprising, but they could be part of teaching critical survival skills. In the wild, mother lions often push their cubs to learn necessary skills.

How Fast Can Lions Swim?

As previously stated, lions aren’t thrilled by water but when life calls for it they can pull through. In short bursts, they can swim at 6 miles per hour. Although slow compared to their running speed (which is 50 miles per hour) it’s still impressive.

The Video: Mother Lion Pushes Cub Into Water

YouTube video
“Mom knocks lion cub into the water”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: BobKovacs

Wrapping Up

Where would we be without our mothers? Throughout the animal kingdom, we see mothers teaching their babies how to survive in life. It might not be appreciated at the time, but it’s still crucial for our survival.

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