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Namibia & Its Animals Facing Another Drought

Dried out camelthorn trees against red dunes and blue sky early in the morning in Deadvlei Namibia. Image by shalamov via

Namibia, one of the countries in southern Africa, is currently in a state of emergency. They are considered the driest country in southern Africa, with an average of only 11 inches of rain per year. Namibia is currently facing another drought, which is affecting both the animals and people in the country. 

What Does This Mean? 

Namib Desert, Sossusvlei, Namibia. Image by muha04 via

Namibia has been battling droughts since 2013, and unfortunately, as their rainy season is coming to an end they are facing another dire situation. The lack of rain means that this sparsely populated country’s water sources are empty and that their fields did not receive adequate rainfall, some not any at all. This not only has an impact on the food supply of humans but on the animals and wildlife in Namibia as well. 

What is the Impact on the Animals?

African animals close to a waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Image by LuaAr via

Namibia is home to many wildlife sanctuaries and animal farms aiding wildlife conservation. The drought, however, is putting a halt on their goals. With no water and dry lands, animals around the country are dying due to dehydration and starvation. Breaking the hearts of farmers, animal lovers, and the whole community alike. Ruben Lambrechts, a Namibian farmer, posted photos of the devastating effects of the drought that you can see here

What is the Impact on the Farmers? 

Landscape from Sossusvlei, Namibia. Image by 2630ben via

Farmers around Namibia are fearing for their animals’ lives. The drought has left them with empty natural water reserves and arid lands, and no idea how they will supply their animals with the resources they need to survive. These farmers are facing massive heartbreak as their best solution is to sell their animals before they pass away. Not only putting stress on the animals but on the farmers’ livelihood as well. 

The Namibia Drought Relief Fund

Dried out camelthorn trees against red dunes and blue sky early in the morning in Deadvlei Namibia. Image by shalamov via

This NGO has been supporting Namibian farmers through many disasters over the last couple of years. Their mission is to aid any farmer in dire need of help to overcome disasters that they cannot face alone. Meaning that the funds are spent wisely! The Namibia Drought Relief Fund’s current mission is to raise enough funds to support the animals and farmers suffering in this drought by supplying farms with fodder to feed their animals. Hereby, saving the lives of many wildlife and farmers alike. 

If you feel in your heart that you can help Namibia and its animals through this crisis, you can do so here:

Last Say on the Drought Namibia is Facing

Herd of giraffes in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Image by muha04 via

The suffering of the animals and wildlife due to the drought is heartbreaking, and knowing the pain it causes to their caretakers is just as devastating. We feel it is our responsibility towards nature to bring this issue to light and hope that those reading can aid those animals in need.

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