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Owner Drills Hole in Car Trunk for His Husky

Hole in Car Trunk for Husky
Image via Discover Guangzhou

Discover how a dedicated owner drilled a hole in his car trunk for his husky, allowing the dog to enjoy fresh air during drives.

Ventilation for a Husky

This inventive dog owner has taken a unique approach to pet comfort by drilling a hole in his car’s trunk. 

This modification was made specifically for his husky. The dog can stick its head out while the car is in motion. 

This unusual solution deeply considers the husky’s preference for fresh air and cooler temperatures. This is especially important given the breed’s thick fur and sensitivity to heat. 

The alteration ensures that the dog enjoys every car ride!

A Custom Comfort Ride

The owner’s creative modification to the car not only caters to the husky’s physical comfort but also adds an element of fun to every journey. 

With its head poking out from the trunk, the husky can observe the world passing by.

Safety and Style on the Road

While this DIY project might raise some eyebrows regarding safety.

However, it’s clear that the owner took careful steps to ensure that the modification was secure for both the dog and other road users. 

The hole is specifically designed to allow the husky’s head ample space without risk of injury. 

This blend of utility, safety, and style highlights a tailored approach to pet ownership beyond standard pet care.


“Dog owner cut a hole in the trunk of the car for the husky to see the scenery” via Discover Guangzhou

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