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Adorable Lion Cubs Struggle to Keep Pace with Their Mother

Tiny lion cubs with mother.
Tiny lion cubs with mother. Image by lifeonwhite via Depositphotos

The lion, “King of the Jungle,” symbolizes strength and courage. However, this video looks like the usual family going by their business. The mom on a mission walks at a pace that her entirely dependent cubs struggle to keep up with. Do you remember walking in a shopping mall beside your parents when you were younger, and your legs couldn’t keep up?

This heartwarming video captures lion cubs keeping close to their mother for protection.

“don’t get left behind! 👀🦁 – 📸@mattg_wildlife”, Source: Youtube, Uploaded: “Animals Around the Globe”

Interesting Facts About Lion Cubs

9 lion cubs alongside two females.
Nine lion cubs alongside two female lions. Image by KirillDorofeev via Depositphotos
  • Lion cubs are born with their eyes closed. Only about a week after birth do their eyes open.
  • Lion cubs start walking by 10 to 15 days.
  • Their playful behavior is crucial to learn hunting techniques and social skills.
  • Lionesses usually give birth to 1-4 cubs per litter.
  • Unfortunately, up to 80% of lion cubs might die before the age of two because of starvation and predation by other animals.
  • Like many other cat species, new male leaders of pride often kill existing cubs to bring females back into estrus and ensure their genes are passed on.
  • In many cultures, lion cubs symbolize strength and courage and are celebrated in literature for this.

The Role of the Pride

Two lion cubs lie in long grass.
Two lions lie in the long grass. Image by nicholas_dale via Depositphotos

The mother lioness is the primary caregiver. However, the entire pride plays a vital role in raising the cubs. The care of the entire pride teaches the lion cubs the social structure of the pride from a young age.

Survival Challenges

Adorable lion cubs with mom.
Adorable lion cubs with mom. Image by EcoPic via Depositphotos

Many young lions do not make it past two years old despite the support and care of the entire pride. Predation at such a vulnerable age is a real threat to these cubs. Additionally, harsh environmental conditions may cause the cubs to go without food for an extended period, causing starvation and sometimes death.

The Alpha male lions might kill offspring that aren’t their own to bring the females back into heat to have more offspring and continue their bloodline.

The journey from an adorable cub to a powerful adult is long and perilous.

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