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This Lady Doesn’t Need to Buy Herself Flowers—Her Cat Brings Them to Her!

Cat bringing a flower to her owner.
Cat bringing a flower to her owner. Image by The Dodo via YouTube

A unique bond between a stray cat and a woman begins with mysterious flowers on her bedroom floor. She initially thought her partner carefully placed those flowers there to surprise her. She thanked him for the romantic gesture. However, he said it wasn’t him.

A Stray Cat

Cat flowers
Cat brings her mom flowers daily. Image by The Dodo via Depositphotos

Around the same time, she noticed a stray cat walking around the house. She then realized it was the cat who kept bringing the flowers. The cat gently brought the flowers in her mouth and dropped them in or around the house for her to find. She decided she needed to help the cat.

A New Chapter

YouTube video
“Cat Brings Her New Mom Flowers Every Single Day”, Source: “YouTube”, Uploaded: “The Dodo”

They took her to the vet to check if she was microchipped, but she was not. However, at the vet, they discovered that the cat was pregnant. They committed to supporting her through her pregnancy and decided they would help find her kittens safe forever homes. The cat remained calm throughout her pregnancy and gave birth to a litter of kittens on her new owner’s bed! The couple ensured the kittens were given to a charity that would help find their forever homes.

Camellia japonica

Camellia flower.
Camellia flower. Image by lucidwaters via Depositphotos

The flowers that the cat kept bringing in were from Camellia japonica bushes. These flowers symbolize devotion and appreciation. Interestingly, she only picked these to bring to her owner daily.

New home

The couple moved into a new house with about 10 Camellia bushes in the yard. The cat still brings these flowers to her when they are in bloom. She loves the smell of the flowers, and the owner believes this is a gesture of love and appreciation.

My Soulmate

The owner and her cat now have such a loving relationship that she even describes her cat as her soulmate! The story of the mysterious Camellia flowers reminds us that love can enter our lives in many unexpected ways.

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