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Top 10 Animals that Saved Lives

Image by Devon Janse van Rensburg via Unsplash

Some animals are incredibly aring and benevolent. This article brings the stories of various animals who saved human’s lives in their best possible manner.

Here are the 10 animals that have saved lives. All of us know about endearing accounts of people stepping in to assist with saving creatures, whether that is helping a canine trapped in thruway traffic or in any event, venturing into a shark’s mouth to eliminate snares! We can see when a creature is harmed or battling and we want to help them. Non-human creatures can show such way of behaving too!

#1 A dog named Orion

dog top 10 animals that saved lives

In 1999 there was a tragedy in Venezuela. It was happened on 15 and 16 December 1999 where number of people died due to heavy rain and food flash. The dog named Orion saved around 37 people in this disaster that happened at Vargas. Orion rescued a girl who was around 8 years old. The girl was swept away by raging currents carrying logs and rocks.

When he tries to save her, he opened his mouth such that he can grab the girl. But when he tried to open the mouth people though that he can bite the girl but what happened was totally different, he just took the girl very softly and bring her out near the shore of water.

Again he jumped out and saved again saved two persons one is around 14 years old girl and another one is a man of age around 80 years.

It is observed that “Orion” as saved around 37 life’s till so far from drowning in water. Orion did this out of his normal sense of loyalty and respect for people. He did such a good job that he has received many medals and got a diploma for the work he has done. He was appreciated for the work he has done. He saved many lives being an animal. Hence Orion is number one on the top 10 animals that saved lives. 

#2 A pig named Lulu

pig top 10 animals that saved lives

There was a women named Altsman who was cardiac patient, fell on a ground when a sudden pains starts in her chest.  She was alone in her home at that time, according to her no one is there to help her but all thanks to her pig who saved her life by rescuing her quickly. When Lulu saw that her owner was lying on the ground she ran very quickly and asking for help on the road but no one came with her. 

But she was a pig with never give-up mind, she keeps on trying on the road and by the last one person stops the vehicle and followed her on her way.

She quickly reached to her owner place and brings that person on the pace so that he could help her owner from the pain. The person found Altsman lying on the floor with cardiac pain, he immediately called the hospital for emergency and this act of lulu’s sharp mind, bravery had saved her life. So lulu is one of the animals who had saved someone life.

#3 A goat named Mandy

goat top 10 animals that saved lives

There was a man who was named Noel Osborno who was and 78 year old farmer. He was on his farm land in Australia in 2012. When he was working and attending his animals, he just got slip accidently on manure pile. Due to this accident his hip got broke and he was not able to move from one place to another. He was so away from the location that no one can hear his voice.

So he stays in the farm for 5 day with his broken hip and he just survived because of his goat Mandy’s help. It was winter season with stormy weather and Mandy allow his owner to drink her milk in those 5 days. This way Mandy saved her owner life. 78 year-old shearer/rancher Noel Osborne was taking care of errands on his far off property when abruptly he wound up harmed and incapable to move. 

One of his cows had coincidentally pushed him over into a heap of fertilizer where a broke hip delivered him unfit to move for five full turbulent days and cold evenings. For the length, he hollered out for help, however nobody, save Mandy the goat and his collie, additionally named Mandy, could hear him.

Around evening time, the goat remained close by, kept him warm and offered her own milk for sustenance while Mandy, the Collie, nestled into him and brought him gifts of old bones and cherishing licks to his tormented and anguished face. For being a hero, Mandy is on the list of the top 10 animals that saved lives. 

#4  An elephant named Ning Nong

Elephant, Hluhluwe Game Reserve / animalsaroundtheglobe

There was a girl named Amber Owen who was from British and was around 8 year old. She was in Thailand for a holiday. When she was near the beach there was a big tide wave of around 200 tides has happen.

At the moment the ocean suddenly choked, Ning Nong put Amber on the back and starts to take off from the ocean, while different guests disappear under waves. When Ning Nong was running away from the water, there is a wall came between their ways, he suddenly came to known that the wall will help Amber in climbing and can save her life from drowning.

The girl has no idea about mist happening with the elephant. She said “Ning Nong saved my life; the elephant realized something horrible would happen and the elephant saved my life. All in all, what I can say is I am very thankful to him that he had saved my life and this would happen with me has taught me that life is so precious. Ning Nong teaches that in your life anything can happen within a fraction of seconds and any kind of tragedy can change your life in a one go either its bad or good”.

Ning Nong was at that point heading inland, compelling his body forward as he swam against the solid flows presently twirling around his shoulders. The solid elephant had figured out how to ascend the ocean side, stressing to prepare him against the power of the water. As trees and houses fell, he stayed standing. He possibly halted when he observed a little divider then, wedging himself close to the stone rack; he endured the strong tension of the rising water long enough for Golden to scramble on to the divider to somewhere safe. ‘I was so terrified however so feeling better,’ says Golden.

#5 A lion in Ethiopia

asiatic lion top 10 animals that saved lives

Sometime ago there is a tragedy happen in Ethiopia. Three lions in this region saved a girl from four men. The girl was around 12 years old. These four men were following her when she was coming from school and then kidnapped her. These three lions have followed the men and save her life from the kidnapers. The lions take care of the girl unless the poise came and the girl’s family member came to save her in that remote location in Ethiopia region.

It was unknown that the lions are male or females till date. However, some people said that: “Everybody thinks that it’s a form of magic happen because lions often attacks people, they cannot save people.” The experts said that the lions has saved that girl might be the girls moans seems like their cub is crying and this would lead in saving that girl but all is a kind of miracle.

#6 A parrot named William

parrot top 10 animals that saved lives

Overall, we found that parrots like to pretend to be people. Megan, Willie’s hostess, was caring for her roommate’s daughter who was 2 years old, Megan briefly left space, and the child, Hannah, was taking her breakfast when she got choked. The parrot shouted over and over again and starts moving the wings and continuously saying “Mom! Mom!” 

All of a sudden, Megan came back at the scheduled time and found that baby is blue in color. Megan has saved the child when he saw the parrot was shouting Mom word again and she came immediately to save the baby. So the real hero was the parrot who saved the bay from dying.  The parrot has also received many awards in various shows. And even baby’s mother said that God has gifted them mimic voice that’s why he was able to shout so loudly and called his mother Megan.

#7 A rabbit named Dory


A diabetic man aged 42 is saved by his rabbit Dory. His rabbit saved his life from Coma. As the man sat in front of the television, he got the diabetic attack through which he is not able to move or say anything. When Dory saw this she found that something is wrong with his owner and he quickly jumped on his owner’s chest. The owner’s wife is in kitchen and saw Dory was behaving very differently and found that something is wrong.

She came to see dory and found that her husband is lying down and not able to move, say anything. She immediately called the hospital when she saw her husband was not opening his eyes. When her husband came in sense she told that she saw Dory was jumping on his chest and has saved his life. Her husband also told that Dory act very bravely and all credit goes to her for saving his life.

She is a rescue vehicle driver and thought her better half had quite recently fallen asleep. After a couple of bombed endeavors to bring him around, she called the paramedics for help. In the most natural sounding way for her” “I work for the emergency vehicle administration and I’m humiliated that the bunny spotted it before I did”. Dory is a champion who is all around adored and especially valued by her overseers. Simon and Victoria are thankful consistently for her activities, in spite of the fact that she is as yet not permitted on the furnishings! But she earns herself a spot on the top 10 animals that saved lives list. 

#8 A Dolphin in the Philippines

dolphin top 10 animals that saved lives

Real dolphins saving life is expected. A tragedy has happened near a bay in the Philippines. A man named Ronnie Dabal was fishing and a sudden storm hits and overturned his boat. It was happened in year 2008. He sat on the top of the boat and stats battling with the waves. He was fighting with the waves and losing his strength.

When he was fighting, around a group of 30 dolphins came along with some whales. They start pushing his boat and saved his life. He said he passed out when the creatures pushed him ashore. When he awoke, he found that he was at some beach and some local person helped him there and saved his life.

#9 A Golden Retriever named Toby

golden retriever

Toby had never focused on medication, at least he figured out how to play the Heimlich movement. His special woman couldn’t stop choking with an apple stuck in her throat, Toby couldn’t help but hug her tightly to his chest causing the hangman’s apple to fall off. Rumours from afar suggest that once his handmaiden was able to inhale, our dear Toby repeatedly licked the essence of his special lucky lady. As you can see, Golden Retrievers are one of the brightest dog breeds on the planet.

Debbie Parkhurst, matured 45, endeavored to play out. The owner tries her best to save herself but the piece of apple stuck in her throat is very painful and she will not be able to breathe properly then her dog helps her and tightly he hugs his owner so that the apple piece can came out of this mouth and she can breathe properly.

The dog is so brave and quick, when he saw his owner was fighting to breathe he quickly stand up on his back legs and use his front legs on her owner shoulder so that he can push the piece of Apple.  The dog pushed his owner on the ground in her back side and the dog started jumping on the chest so that the piece of apple will came out of throat. 

When the owner brings to the doctor the doctor was so shocked and amazed and he also appreciates the dog for this heroic act of bravery. The owner said that when she brings in the hospital she still feels that someone is jumping on her chest but said its okay, if her dog didn’t do this today then she will not be alive. The owner and her husband saved toby from a dustbin when he was a small puppy. Through this heroic act of bravery, Toby became famous and number of people visits of meet toby the heroic dog. He came in many TV shows and got calls for many interviews. And also a feature on the list of the top 10 animals that saved lives. 

#10 A dog named Kabang

dog top 10 animals that saved lives

Kabang found a way to save the existence of a young woman and lord’s granddaughter by noticing her impulse, she pushed the young woman and the woman out of a the car is moving in the other direction. Kabang is seriously injured but with the help of gifts from all over the world, she has undergone a medical procedure and is now able to participate in a happy life with her lord and the two people she saved her life were in danger. Kabang, the canine who lost her nose for saving two young ladies from being run over by a cruiser around 10 quite a while back, inhaled her keep going around 7 pm on Monday (May 17) on her bed in Barangay Pasonanca.

Summary Top 10 Animals that Saved Lives

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