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Watch Bearded Dragon Rescue Takes A Surprising Turn

Bearded Dragon
Bearded dragon while eating a dandelion flower in the sunshine. Image via Depositphotos

Although this bearded dragon rescue didn’t go to plan, all her ideas of their behaviour were turned upside down. Read to the end to watch the video!

In this video, Valeriya, adopted a rescue bearded dragon, from not-so-great conditions. Her beliefs regarding bearded dragon’s behaviour were shattered.

A Connection Beyond Stereotypes

Valeriya has always heard that bearded dragons were quiet, docile and very sedentary. These are not qualities to describe Percy (the bearded dragon) to say the least.

Nevertheless, there was an ultimate bond between the two. Percy pushed Veriya to become more charismatic and spend more time outdoors.

Language of Love

Percy really proved her wrong about bearded dragons. Contrarily, from the beginning, Percy was rescued from a dark, filthy tank. She used her bathroom sink as a pool to clean him off.

He loved it – spending up to forty minutes playing around in the ter! Surprisingly, for a semi-desert lizard.

The Video

Woman Rescues A Bearded Dragon Thinking He Will Be Calm And Mellow, Youtube: The Dodo

An Unforgettable Memory

Valeriya was deeply moved by the experience. Evidently, it reminds us of the powerful, instinctual bond that humans can share with their beloved animals. We are also reminded of the similarities we share – our love for growth and revelling in the benefits of being outdoors.

Let me know what you thought what of this Bearded Dragon encounter in the comments!

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