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Watch: Bison Waiting To Attack

Bison waiting to attack
Bison waiting to attack. Image by @pavan10481 via YouTube
Bison waiting to attack. Credit: @pavan10481 – Source: YouTube

Ever wondered what to do if there was an angry bison looking at you? Well, in this case, the man in the car approached the bison even though the bison (huge horns and all) looked like it was getting ready to stampede the car! Join us as we explore this magnificent beasts behavioral traits and educate yourself on how to react around them.

Understanding Bison Group Behavior

Bison are social animals and they have large herds which are made up of females, calves, and younger males. Social hierarchies exist within these herds, with the dominant bisons asserting their authority through acts of aggression. Overall, understanding the dynamics of bison herds can help reduce incidents when seeing them in the wild.

Reading Bison Body Language (Their Warning Signs)

Bison waiting to attack
Bison waiting to attack. Image by @pavan10481 via YouTube

Bison’s communicate through body language, therefore, being able to recognise their different signals avoids bad confrontation. Signs of agitation include raised tails, pawing at the ground and lowered heads. Additionally, bison give grunts and snorts. So, recognizing these signals can help individuals take appropriate action to avoid provoking them.

Respecting Bison’s Personal Space

When coming across bison, it’s important to respect their personal space. So, maintain a safe distance. Approaching too closely and attempting to interact with them can trigger defensive behaviors. Stay at least 25 yards away and avoid sudden movements or loud noises that can startle them. By giving bison the space they deserve, humans can coexist peacefully with them!

    Wrap Up

    Bison via Unsplash

    Overall, after learning the behavioral traits of the bison, now if you ever had to come across one, you would know how to act respectfully towards this wild creature.

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    Monday 22nd of April 2024

    That is a Cape Buffalo, NOT a bison!

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