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How To Get Stomped On By A Bison

Image by OndrejProsicky via Depositphotos

The is an entertaining “how to” guide, highlighting the steps in order to get stomped on by a bison. Why would you want this to happen to you? I have no idea. But someone managed to catch someone following the steps on video!

Step #1

Find a bison! In the video, the man went to Yellowstone National Park.

Step #2

Once you have found the bison in step one, you can get relatively close to it.

Step #3

Lie down in front on the bison.

Step #4

Wait and see what happens. Also hold your phone out, so when you get stomped on by the bison, you will at least get a viral video.

The Video

Wrapping Up with How To Get Stomped On By A Bison

Big old bison in nature.
Big old bison in nature. Image by fotoluxstudio via Depositphotos

We will never know what was going through this man’s mind. At all times you should at least keep 25 yards from a bison. Be animal conscious, not just for your own safely, but for not disturbing wildlife in their natural habitat.

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Dino Hettinger

Saturday 20th of April 2024

This is hands down one of the best articles I've come across in a while.

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