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Watch Donkey Versus Two Goats

Photo by via Depositphotos

On the farm one day, the donkey named Waffles got introduced to two goats. Furthermore we think he was trying to make friends with his smaller companions, chasing them around the pen like dogs do. Thus the goats not understanding, I think got a bit of a fright.


Waffles is a one year old domesticated donkey. Evidently, he clearly doesn’t understand that his new friends the goats do not like being chased around the pen yet. Their human mom had to reprimand him and explain the situation.

The mom voice knows no bounds. When the stern voice comes out, it is heard among all species.

The Video

Waffles Thinks He’s Everyone’s Friend. Not Everyone Wants Him as a Friend. Soure: ViralHog, Youtube

More On The Donkey

Donkeys – humble creatures with a past. From Africa they’ve served humanity for centuries. Generally their resilience and steadfastness stand out. Additionally, in social settings donkeys display a strong sense of hierarchy, with leaders emerging naturally.

They build relationships among their herd by expressing themselves through body language and brays. They have a reputation for being stubborn. But in reality, they’re incredibly sensitive and intelligent creatures that develop strong bonds with both people and other animals. They are respected friends and dependable employees in many cultures across the world because of their kind disposition and loyalty.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, let me know what you think of this donkey chasing the goats in the comments below!

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