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Watch: Elephant Makes a Friend at Sanctuary in Tennessee


The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, located 85 miles southwest of Nashville in Hohenwald, Tenn., begins the new year with a heartwarming development in its mission to provide a safe haven for elephants retired from performance and exhibition. This sanctuary has been a symbol of hope and rehabilitation, offering individualized care and the companionship of a herd.

A Joyful Encounter: Edie Meets Artie

Among the Sanctuary’s recent success stories is the touching tale of Edie and Artie, whose first encounter has been a source of delight and positivity. Supervised by the Care Staff, Edie approached Artie with confidence as he was foraging, marking the start of a promising friendship. Their initial communication through trunk touches and playful sparring signifies the growth of their bond, a vital aspect of their well-being.

Elephant Makes a Friend: Social Dynamics and Bonding


The interactions between Edie and Artie exemplify the dynamic social structure within the elephant community at the Sanctuary. Edie’s preference to interact more with Artie, as opposed to her time with Nosey and Sissy, showcases her sociability and adaptability. These evolving relationships are crucial for the psychological health of the elephants, providing them with a sense of community and belonging.

Mission and Outreach: Beyond the Sanctuary

elephant friends

The Elephant Sanctuary’s commitment extends beyond providing a peaceful environment for retired elephants. It also aims to educate the public about the complex needs of captive elephants and the challenges faced by wild elephants. The Elephant Discovery Center, an educational facility in downtown Hohenwald, offers visitors insights into the ecological importance of elephants, although the habitats themselves remain closed to the public for the animals’ tranquility.

A Hopeful Future for Elephant Conservation

elephant makes a friend

The burgeoning relationship between Edie and Artie, along with the overall positive dynamics within the herd, symbolizes a hopeful start to the year for The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. These developments not only improve the lives of individual elephants but also contribute to the well-being of the entire herd. The Sanctuary continues to set a high standard in elephant care and conservation, showcasing the importance of sanctuary and rehabilitation for these majestic creatures.

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