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Worker Opens Car Trunk And Finds Kitten Family Living Inside


The other day, a school teacher in Long Island, New York, noticed something strange. He opened his car trunk and found a kitten family! There also appeared to be a mysterious cat popping in and out of his car.

Curious Investigation

Curious, the man began searching the vehicle. The original cat was gone, but when he opened the trunk, he found a pile of four fluffy babies nestled inside.

Community Response

News of the kittens soon appeared on Facebook. Residents began tagging local animal rescuer John Debacker, urging him to lend a hand. In no time, Debacker was on his way, eager to get the kittens and their mom to safety.

Patient Rescue

Debacker knew that the mother cat was likely anxious and wouldn’t appear during the day, especially with people around. The rescuer set up a trap with a livestream camera near the car where the babies slept. Then he waited. Early the next morning, Debacker saw that his plan had worked.

Safe Reunion

“I saw her get caught around 3 a.m. on camera and immediately went back to retrieve her and the babies,” Debacker said.

A New Home

With the mom safely contained, Debacker gingerly lifted each kitten out of the trunk and placed them into a carrier. These days, Mom and her kittens are resting comfortably in a foster home, enjoying their time together, snuggled happily in blankets.

Wrapping Up with Car Trunk Kitten Family


Thanks to everyone who lent a helping hand, this family no longer has to fend for themselves.

If everyone can just help a little bit, the world will be a much lighter and brighter place. This feline family is so grateful for the kindness shown towards them!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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