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10 Reasons to Love Traveling

Woman on rock
Woman standing on rock in front of mountain. Image by Lucas Wesney via Unsplash

Welcome to Reasons to Love Traveling!

What does traveling mean to you? Here are 10 of the many reasons I love traveling! In today’s fast-paced, tech-obsessed world, social media may well be the perfect platform to showcase the world’s beauty through the lens of travelers across the globe.

But travel is so much more than just getting that perfect Instagram shot for the ‘fans’. Travel should be meaningful to us all.

Two woman traveling
Two woman near the golden gate bridge. Image via Unsplash

It should be exciting and inspiring, rejuvenating and grounding, educational and challenging, and most of all, it should be humbling.

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Key Points

1. Travel to leave our world a better placeTravel can have a positive impact by supporting struggling economies and conservation efforts.
2. Travel to meet different culturesExposure to diverse cultures fosters understanding, respect, and appreciation of differences.
3. Travel to eatTravel allows for indulging in local cuisines and savoring new flavors without dietary restrictions.
4. Travel to escape realityTravel provides an escape from daily life, allowing for anonymity and spontaneity.
5. Travel to relaxIt offers a break from technology and life’s demands, encouraging disconnection and recharge.
6. Travel to learnTravel is an educational experience that goes beyond textbooks, offering insights and self-discovery.
7. Travel to exploreTravel inspires exploration, challenges comfort zones, and provides meaningful experiences.
8. Travel for humilityIt fosters humility by showcasing our small place in the world and promoting tolerance and open-mindedness.
9. Travel to be transformedTravel can lead to personal transformation, encouraging environmental awareness and global action.
10. Travel to live out your bucket list dreamsFulfilling bucket list dreams, whether watching sunsets or climbing mountains, is a rewarding aspect of travel.
Bonus reason… TO HAVE FUN!Emphasizes the importance of having fun, meeting new people, and embracing new experiences while traveling.


Beautiful sunset
Sunset view from the helicopter. Image via Unsplash

Traveling makes one force themselves out of their bubble and into the rest of the world, discovering new places, and new people; it’s the best way to gain perspective on truly how beautiful life is.

Travel is a remarkable journey that gifts us with unforgettable stories, cherished memories, and invaluable life lessons. It’s a window into our own souls and a bridge to understanding others. Like a refreshing reset button, it reminds us of life’s true priorities.

For me, travel isn’t just a hobby; it’s an integral part of my life. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, I’ve been exploring the world since I was a mere six months old. With family scattered across the globe, from the United States to Down Under, my wanderlust was practically hardwired into me.

When I finished school a year ahead of my peers, I seized the opportunity to live in the United Kingdom, embarking on extensive European adventures in 2017. That experience ignited my passion for travel, and there was no turning back.

As I approach the final semester of my university honors degree, the travel itch is more potent than ever. The pandemic may have thrown a wrench in my plans, but the moment I’m fully vaccinated, my flights will be booked. The travel bug has bitten hard, and there’s a world waiting to be explored.

So, here are my top ten reasons why I adore traveling:

1. Travel to leave our world a better place

People on a boat
People riding boats in river near market. Image via Unsplash

I believe that people underestimate how travelling could impact the future. Not only does tourism aid individuals in countries which are economically struggling (low developed), exposure to different issues through travelling can make an actual difference. I have been lucky enough to travel to different National Parks in South Africa and one this I know is that the more exposure the better!

Some places are doing remarkable work for conservation and wildlife protection and they are sadly struggling for funding.

2. Travel to meet different cultures

Image of group of people
A group of people doing a cultural dance. Image via Unsplash

Traveling opens doors to diverse cultures and ancient traditions, offering authentic encounters that teach us to embrace and celebrate these rich heritages. It’s a journey that helps us discover both the common threads that connect us and the beautiful distinctions that make us unique.

Often, cultures can be misrepresented or sensationalized in media, but when you dive into a foreign land and immerse yourself in the local way of life, you’re in for a fresh perspective on our global community. Respect is paramount during these encounters. If you encounter something unfamiliar or disagreeable, expressing your thoughts respectfully is the way to go.

Travel is our greatest teacher in matters of humanity, fostering appreciation, understanding, and respect for diverse viewpoints and lifestyles across the world. It’s a passport to expanding our horizons and embracing the beauty of our shared planet.

3. Travel to eat

Woman carrying basket
Woman carrying basket with vegetables. Image by Alice young via Unsplash

This might be one of my favourite reasons to travel! One thing you’ll never find on a suggested packing list is a strict diet. Leave that at home! Just make sure you bring a healthy appetite and a willingness to taste new flavours and sample all of the local delicacies. Remember, mimosas are totally acceptable at breakfast and dessert is always a good idea! Indulge, go back for seconds and exercise when you get home.

When I was in Europe some might say I had suffered the ‘Heathrow Injection’, if you don’t know what the refers to, let’s just say I had picked up a few extra kg’s. But looking back now, I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever! I was happy, embracing the good old English Sunday roast and loving my surroundings. It’s important to let yourself enjoy where you are in all aspects. Get the whole experience is what I say!

4. Travel to escape reality

Beach picture
Rio De Janeiro beach picture. Image by elizeu dias via Unsplash

Foreign country, foreign language, foreign food, new reality indeed. We all need to fall off the radar and escape reality every once in a while, it’s just a must. Travel allows us to enjoy anonymity in new and unexplored territories. It gives us freedom to live in the moment and it allows us to be anyone, to go anywhere and to do anything we like.

When I was backpacking Europe in 2017 I had bought an interrail pass, which allowed me to be as spontaneous as I wanted. Pick up and go here, move there, I went to Brussels just for one day on the bus. It’s all possible, especially when you’re doing a little solo travel. Travel enables us to be spontaneous and seek new experiences and places.

5. Travel to relax

Images of boats
Aerial view of boats on seashore. Image via Unsplash

Travel is not always a frantic race to check off every sightseeing spot on our list. Sometimes, it’s about taking a step back from our fast-paced, technology-driven lives. Let’s face it, we rarely find the time to unwind and disconnect from our daily responsibilities.

Travel offers us an escape from life’s constant demands, dramas, and deadlines. It provides a precious opportunity to clear our minds, recharge our depleted energy, and truly detach ourselves from the digital world—our phones, Wi-Fi, emails, laptops, and social media. Instead, we reconnect—with ourselves, with one another, and with the serene beauty of the natural world and its wildlife.

In today’s hyperconnected world, the pressure to always be online and accessible is overwhelming. Since the pandemic, finding true rest and complete disconnection has become even more elusive.

6. Travel to learn

photo of child with map
Child looking at map. Image by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Traveling is a remarkable teacher, and not all classrooms have four walls and an alarm bell. It’s an immersive experience that offers lessons in geography, history, culture, gastronomy, languages, biology, and more. In essence, travel is the ultimate classroom, enriching our minds in ways that textbooks and guidebooks can’t compare to.

Curious travelers aren’t just exposed to diverse landscapes, languages, and lifestyles; they also acquire fascinating knowledge while observing wildlife in their natural habitats, uncovering a region’s history, and savoring local flavors. However, travel’s educational benefits extend beyond the external world. It’s a journey of self-discovery, showcasing our ability to adapt and overcome challenges in unfamiliar territories. In those moments when you’re about to miss a train in a foreign land, you’ll be astounded by what you can achieve. Travel is, without a doubt, a transformative and enlightening experience.

7. Travel to explore

Walking in forest
Person walking between plants. Image via Unsplash

Travel is a venture that pulls us away from our comfort zones and ignites our curiosity to taste, see, and experience the novel wonders of the world. It serves as a perpetual challenge, beckoning us not only to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings but also to engage with diverse individuals, embrace spontaneous adventures, and forge unforgettable connections with friends and loved ones. This is precisely why we find countless reasons to fall in love with travel.

Whether you crave the rush of adrenaline and non-stop action or prefer unhurried siestas and complete relaxation, travel opens doors to explore with an open heart and an open mind. The concept of exploration may vary from person to person, shaped by individual circumstances and the particular phase of life one finds themselves in during their travels.

8. Travel for humility

Image of a guy sitting on floor
Person sitting on floor. Image by Tom parsons via Unsplash

This aligns with traveling for leaving the world a better place. Without a doubt, travel is the ultimate crash course in humility. As we cross borders, and oceans, we gain true perspective in our lives. We are really just a small piece of the bigger puzzle, of humanity…

We learn to recognise and be grateful for all of the things we take for granted at home in our own lives, and we gain an appreciation and respect for how others live. Travel teaches us to be tolerant, flexible and open-minded, and most of all it makes us humble!

9. Travel to be transformed

Blue and brown butterfly
Blue and black butterfly on brown stick .Image via Unsplash

Don’t just travel for the sake of traveling. Travel to seek adventure, seek new things and feel alive! Take part in authentic experiences that will not only change the way you see the world, but that will also encourage self-reflection. Environmental awareness and global action will help protect and conserve our planet, participate where you can!

Transformation takes many shapes, to you it might mean visiting a conservation area, transformation might be giving your pair of shoes to a stranger in need. It all goes, just be mindful and considerate- it’s very much worth it though!

10. Travel to live out your bucket list dreams

Mountain image
Kilimanjaro mountain picture .Image via Unsplash

Every traveler’s and persons bucket list is different. Whether you wish to watch the sun set over the Taj Majal, snowshoe on the side of an active volcano, witness Africa’s Big Five and the Great Migration, or find your Zen on a yoga retreat in the Himalayas, if you can dream it, you can do it.

My bucket list item which I plan on fulfilling next year is to climb Kilimanjaro! Luckily in Cape Town I have a decent mountain to use for training if you ask me!

Travel (like laughter) is the best medicine and long may it continue to take our breath away and turn us all into storytellers and committed custodians of our precious planet!

11. Bonus reason… TO HAVE FUN!

Colorful event
Colorful festival. Image by John Thomas via Unsplash

I cannot emphasise this enough, whatever fun means to you… do it! Get out there, meet new people, explore, push yourself out of your comfort zone, go bar hoping! Go and do whatever it is that makes you have fun and don’t regret it! 


Summary of 10 Reasons to Love Traveling

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“10 Things you will love about traveling even if you hate traveling,” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Wolters world

At Animals Around the Globe, we are dedicated to sustainable travel, seeking wildlife in their natural habitats, giving back to the community, and seeking new adventures! We love traveling, we hope you do too!
Comment below on where it is you are dying to travel to next!

Thank you for reading ten reasons to love Travel!
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Thank you for reading 10 reasons to love traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the 5 travel motivations?

Exploration: Travelers seek to explore new destinations, cultures, and experiences.
Adventure: Some people are motivated by thrill-seeking activities like hiking, diving, or extreme sports.
Relaxation: Many travelers seek a break from their daily routines to relax, unwind, and de-stress.
Cultural Immersion: Immersing oneself in local cultures, traditions, and cuisines is a common motivation.
Education: Travel can be an educational experience, offering opportunities to learn about history, art, and different ways of life.

What are 4 benefits of traveling?

Personal Growth: Travel pushes you out of your comfort zone, fostering personal growth, self-confidence, and adaptability.
Cultural Understanding: Exposure to diverse cultures promotes tolerance, empathy, and a broader worldview.
Memorable Experiences: Travel provides unique, memorable experiences that create lasting memories.
Stress Relief: It offers a break from daily stressors, promoting relaxation and overall well-being.

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