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10 Best African Countries for Safari

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Unleash the explorer within and embark on a journey that echoes with the rhythmic heartbeat of the wild! If you’re craving the ultimate safari adventure, look no further. We’ve meticulously curated the ultimate guide to unveil the 10 Best African Countries for Safari, designed especially for intrepid travelers yearning to witness nature’s grandeur up close.

Investigate the 10 Best African Countries for Safari below:

Why Go On A Safari To Africa? 

Going on an African Safari is so much more than just looking at wild animals. It’s an experience of a lifetime. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on it.

From watching wildlife to broadening your mind by learning about some of the great spectacles of Africa is always worth it. It is something everyone should experience.

Starting with African wildlife, is something that you will be completely captivated by. From bird watching to looking at hippos moving about, you’ll be in awe looking at these extraordinary creatures. And let’s not forget about the landscape. The landscapes of this continent will leave an impact on your soul that you won’t forget for quite a while.

From Namibia’s granite rocks to Tanzania’s great African plains, the landscapes are truly out of this world and phenomenal. And you won’t even have to worry about getting bored on your safari as you’ll always be accompanied by amazing guides and rangers whom you’ll, at most times, find exciting and admirable.

And you’ll also be learning about the local culture first-hand. Meeting the local people, eating their food, learning about their crafts, and witnessing their music will surely highlight your journey to the wilderness.Once you return home, you’ll look back on your wondrous journey and feel ecstasy whenever you think about it.

10 Best African Countries for Safari for Safari: Our favourites

Africa is filled with many safari locations. Surely visiting each and every one of them on a single trip is not possible. So, here are 10 locations that I recommend you must visit. 

#1 Botswana 

10 Best African Countries for Safari, Giraffe | AnimalsAroundtheGlobe

Botswana, with its wildlife conservation and natural parks, is a haven for nature lovers. It is currently in the top 5, as its approach to the protection and conservation of wildlife is worth the praise. As a country, it is very forward-thinking, some may even call it aggressively forward-thinking when it comes to its preservation and anti-poaching laws.

Back in 2014, Botswana widely banned the hunting of wild animals and implemented strict laws which are still in practice. The country resumes its zero-tolerance for poaching and their very own environmental minister, Tshekedi Khama, has even launched a shoot-to-kill policy for poachers.

Thus, poachers are seen as enemies of the people. As a result, Botswana has come into view as Africa’s most sought-after ecotourism destination. Starting from the Chobe National Park to the Moremi Nature Reserve, you’ll be able to witness numerous gems all around the country.

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#2 Kenya

10 Best African Countries for Safari, Zebra| AnimalsAroundtheGlobe

Kenya, as a country for Safari, is a force to reckon with. Its stunning wildlife environment is too phenomenal to put into words. Most of the African countries will not be able to even compete with their national parks and wildlife conservations. If you don’t visit there at least once in your life, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of excitement.

When it comes to parks and national reserves, Kenya houses 16 national reserves and 25 national parks. Along with that, the country also boasts numerous private conservations which are open for visitors.

Not only do they have some of the best conservations, but Kenya is also home to 1100 different species of birds, 115 amphibians, 280 reptile species and not to mention 390 species of mammals. It is without any doubt, one of the best places to go for a Safari and witness wildlife.

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#3 Malawi

@Diego Tirira

Even though many would face some difficulties in locating Malawi on a map, given how tiny it is, the country is home to the world-renowned Lake Malawi National Park. This is practically one-third of the country and is the most biodiverse lake in the world.

Its fertile land provides a safe and comforting home to around 200 mammal species. This includes elephants, hippos, monkeys and so much more. Along with 650 bird species and 5,500 plants. Even though the country is still underdeveloped and most of the population live in rural households, its national parks, and sight-seeing destinations are on the top 10 of our lists.

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#4 Namibia

When it comes to countries with the least amount of population, Namibia is one of them. Which proves to be a good thing for nature. This is because most of the land in Namibia is still unspoiled by human filth or any sort of development, giving nature a chance to breathe.

Most of the land in Namibia is occupied by the Kalahari and Namib Deserts. Along with that, the country also has 12 national parks and many other areas which are protected. So, if you go there for a safari, you’ll have many rich areas to see and explore.

Recommended Tours:

#5 Rwanda

10 Best African Countries for Safari, Gorillas in Rwanda| AnimalsAroundtheGlobe

Considering the tragic history surrounding the mass genocide of the people of Rwanda back in 1994, it’s truly a blessing what the country has achieved in the past 25 years. There have been countless investments in infrastructure. This has resulted in the country being a very fast-growing destination for ecotourism.

If you’ve been around for some time, you’ll be familiar with Rwanda’s mountain gorillas. They were famously broadcasted and their fight for survival was shown on National Geographic. This was all thanks to the late Dian Fossey back in the 1970s who advocated for the rights of these mountain gorillas throughout her life.

In the country’s Volcanoes National Park, you’ll find 10 habituated gorilla families. Groups of 8 trekkers can visit them for one hour per day. But that’s enough to get the best African safari experience. And as a nature lover, you’ll enjoy the experience to the max.

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#6 South Africa

10 Best African Countries for Safari, rhino in africa| AnimalsAroundtheGlobe

For some time now, South Africa has been climbing the charts to become one of the most popular destinations for African safaris. Given its location, South Africa is a very convenient and cheap destination for people from the United States. Besides that, the country also boasts a well-developed infrastructure which makes it perfect for luxury travelers as well.

Annually, the country has one million visitors. Its biggest attraction is the Kruger National Park with its enrichment in biodiversity. Visitors there also have the liberty to self-drive, thus, getting a first-person private but superb experience. 

But given all the advantages, it’s safe to conclude that South Africa also suffers from over-tourism. I mean, if you have so many great attractions, people will flock towards it. Chances are that you’ll find yourself in the middle of dozens of unruly visitors who are not too keen on obeying the rules. This occurs mostly during the peak seasons.

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#7 Tanzania

We talked about Kenya being the top destination for Safari. Now Tanzania here takes second place in being the continent’s most popular safari destination. And why shouldn’t it? The country has 16 national parks and an extraordinary amount of wealth and wildlife wonders for the people to witness.

One of the most popular locations would be the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The country is also a haven for 1100 different bird species. It’s no wonder that Tanzania gets this much rep. Especially when the country boasts so many wonders.

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#8 Uganda

Often called “The Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is certainly a great pick for an African safari. Its reputation as being one of the best ecotourism destinations comes from the country’s natural attractions and wildlife.

Some of its natural attractions include housing the highest mountain range in Africa. It also has the world’s largest free-standing volcano and the second-largest freshwater lake. With its 30 national parks and other wildlife reserves, Uganda boasts many more sanctuaries which are worth the visit. Especially if you’re a lover of nature and wildlife.

Recommended Tours:

#9 Zambia

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Zambia may be a bit far down the list of popular destinations for your African safari, but many consider it to be a destination for diversified and immersive safari experiences, and making a notable feature on our 10 Best African Countries for Safari guide. The country is steadily focusing on conservation as their president has shown a keen interest and is working on building the nation’s economy as well as the infrastructure.

Out of its 20 national parks, the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park is home to many wildlife animals such as African elephants, Angolan giraffes, Cape buffalo, etc. Other than that, there are many private ownerships of National parks, notably the Kasanka National Park which is near the basin of Lake Bangweulu. It’s a safe place where visitors can see 400 different avian species.

Recommended Tours:

#10 Zimbabwe

The country’s most popular attraction is undoubtedly the 354-foot-tall Victoria Falls. The location receives 1000 visitors per day. Besides that, there are many other activities that the visitors can partake in. These include bungee jumping, rafting, etc. It is also home to more than 100 species of mammals and around 400 different species of birds.

Beautiful rivers, savannas, and highlands may be found across the country. To begin, you can visit national parks to marvel at the country’s magnificent savannas. Lake Kariba, the world’s largest man-made lake, is also found in Zimbabwe. A true contender that rightfully found its place on our 10 Best African Countries for Safari list!

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Summary on 10 Best African Countries for Safari

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If you enjoyed 10 Best African Countries for Safari, you’ll want to have a look at the best destinations to encounter Africa’s Big 5.

We hope you can use these guidelines to plan your dream safari to Africa!

Thank you for reading 10 Best African Countries for Safari.

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