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Animals and Wildlife in Africa – Facts, News and Videos

baby giraffe
Mother giraffe and baby walking in the grasslands. Image by Lisa H on Unsplash.

Africa is a continent of contrasts and vibrant landscapes, which hosts an incredible tapestry of wildlife unmatched anywhere else on the planet. From the sweeping savannas where elephants roam and lions rule, to dense forests home to gorillas and exotic birds, the continent is a living showcase of natural wonders.

It’s a place where the wild heart beats strong, and the circle of life plays out in its most primal form. Have a look below on our Africa Articles.

Animals in Africa List

What are some of the most famous animals in Africa?

African Elephant. Lion. Giraffe. Rhinoceros. Cheetah. Hippopotamus. African Buffalo. Zebra.

Why Are Many African Animals Endangered?

Two major reasons are: Habitat Loss Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade. The Expansion of agriculture, urban development, and deforestation have reduced the natural habitats of many species. Hunting for ivory (elephants), rhino horn, and bushmeat, as well as illegal trade in live animals and animal parts, have dramatically reduced populations of certain species.

What are the big 5 in Africa?

The “Big Five” refers to five of Africa’s greatest wild animals, originally named by big-game hunters for being the hardest to hunt on foot. Today, the term is used more commonly by safari tour operators and wildlife enthusiasts to highlight the must-see animals during a safari. The Big Five are: Elephant, Leopard, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo.

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