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9 Best Places to See Kangaroos in the Wild

Are you looking for the Best Places to See Kangaroos?

This Australian animal has been the apple of the eye of wildlife biologists due to its unique breeding process and physical attributes. This species is solely indigenous to Australia and Papua New Guinea. If you want to see one of these incredible animals, we have compiled a list of the 9 Best Places to See Kangaroos in the Wild! Enjoy!

That’s why kangaroos are also considered the most eminent symbol of Australia.

Fun Facts About Kangaroos

  • The baby kangaroos are known as little joeys. Also, the size of little Joeys is equivalent to that of a jellybean.
  • Kangaroos cannot move backward.
  • Kangaroos have a total of 60 species.
  • Kangaroos can jump up to 8 meters.
  • The female kangaroos can call off their pregnancies.

9 Most Potential Places to See Kangaroos

Let’s quickly get into the focal point of this article, i.e., pinpointing the most potential places where you can quickly see kangaroos or even directly interact with them.

1. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

What can be more guaranteed to see kangaroos than a place named Kangaroo?

Usually, places are named after their biggest specifications, Kangaroo Island, the home of kangaroos is one of them.

This island is no less than the main headquarters of kangaroos. Also, it is the third largest island in Australia and is known as Karta Pintingga. Location-wise, Kangaroo Island is tracked down around the right miles of Southern Adelaide, Australia.

Overall, the island is ideal for seeing wondrous wildlife, including sea lions, seals, koalas, and most importantly, kangaroos.

Moreover, this island is considered a bonanza for nature lovers and wildlife biologists as the island offers plenty of native wildlife and jaw-dropping coastal sightseeing and farmlands.

In fact, tourists and ecologists claim that no adjective would justify this island’s beauty. The island is so serene and exotic.

As its name hints, the place is packed with a diversity of kangaroos, making it a kangaroo lover’s goldmine. Visiting this place means seeing plenty of kangaroos basking in the sun as a daily ritual.

Kangaroo Island

Not just kangaroos but many other wondrous animals like sea lions, wallabies, koalas, marine mammals, etc., will warmly welcome you. Due to its diverse wildlife, kangaroo island has also been known as the ‘Zoo Without Fences.’

Notably, many national parks and conservation parks protect this zoo without fences where these animals roam freely and securely. In short, if you’re into exploring nature and your child is curious to see wondrous wildlife, including kangaroos, then kangaroo island is a safe spot to take them.

Plan a trip to kangaroo island this summer, and you will thank us for suggesting this gorgeous place. A great location on the list of the 9 Best Places to See Kangaroos.

2. Murramarang National Park

What if we tell you about a place where serenity prevails, wildlife exists, and beauty hypnotizes your nerves and captivates your heart? Sounds exciting?

Well, the excitement you are feeling right now is just a small fraction of the excitement you will get while visiting. The Murramarang National Park is an iconic place in terms of beauty and a highly potential place to see unique animals, e.g., kangaroos.

It’s a national park located in New South Wales, Australia. Precisely, it is 206 km from Sydney in its south. The park is also best known as a potential spot to see kangaroos. All you need to do is find a grassy area, and you will see a kangaroo – I can bet you on that.

Other than that, go to pebble and pretty beaches, where you will see a particular species of kangaroos, i.e., eastern gray kangaroos. Make sure to visit the beach in the evening or at dusk for a perfect view.

Another cool place from Murramarang National Park to see kangaroos is the Duras North, where kangaroos love to roam, hop, and graze freely.

Notably, the experts believe this place is the easiest and the most potential place to see different species of kangaroos. You can easily witness kangaroos hopping hither and thither from car parking to grassy areas.

Undoubtedly, this national park is an ideal place to witness kangaroos. But just like other places, the timing of your visit is important. If you plan a trip to this beautiful park, we suggest you collect more information from its locals or experienced people about the best possible time to see kangaroos.

3. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

YouTube video

The next highly recommended place for seeing kangaroos is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is near Queensland’s Gold Coast featuring picturesque beauty and prolific wildlife.

Due to featuring plenty of incredibly unique animals, this wildlife sanctuary also holds the immense honor of being a heritage-listed zoological garden.

Also, the place is widely known for having one of the busiest vet hospitals, where more than 10,000 animals get treated every year.

Furthermore, the place is considered a treasure trove for kangaroo lovers or wildlife biologists. It is considered the second biggest hub of red and gray kangaroos. Other than kangaroos, you will also get a chance to see different types of wallabies.

4. Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is one of the most loved beaches of Esperance. Talking about Esperance beaches, one may forget one’s name, but it’s impossible to forget this breathtaking beach – lucky bay beach.

Precisely speaking, it is located in the Cape Le Grand National Park in Southern Australia. And the major reason for its popularity is its picturesque beauty – an amalgamation of white-colored sand and turquoise-colored water making it a favorite spot for beach lovers and a great tourist place.

YouTube video

Another exclusivity of this bay is the presence of kangaroos. Mostly, you can see western gray kangaroos lazing on the beach’s white sand. Other than roos, tourists can also spot giant whales from their coastal walks.

Visit timing matters a lot in this scenario, so make sure to get an expert’s advice regarding the best suitable time for seeing roos and other incredible marine mammals.

5. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

YouTube video

What if we tell you about a place where you cannot just see kangaroos roaming or hopping, but you can also touch them, feed them, or pick baby kangaroos to your lap.

Excited? Well, you can directly interact with kangaroos at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is located near Tasmania, where infinite animals have been rescued. In fact, the administration claims that at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, you will even see the preservation of extinct animals that existed long ago.

Notably, if the world ever had a competition among the best wildlife sanctuary, the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary would have won it for sure. It’s because of their dedication and passion for serving wildlife and empowering them.

Like other incredible animals, you will be lucky to see, touch, or walk around kangaroos. And that’s the most exciting thing for any wildlife enthusiast or kangaroo fanatic. Really an amazing place on the list of 9 Best Places to See Kangaroos.

Also, while visiting Bonorong Sanctuary, get some food for kangaroos as you will get a chance to walk around them, feeding them would be a good chance to bond. Anyone who is seriously into kangaroos will never miss this exciting chance.

6. Canberra

Canberra, the Australian capital, has a bonus exclusivity of having around thirty thousand kangaroos. With this range, the city is known as the highest concentration hub of kangaroos, or even some call it a Kangaroo Capital.

The city is known as Bush Capital due to its vast range of urban areas. The most potential territories to sight kangaroos within or adjacent to Canberra are Mount Ainslie, Namadgi National Park, Tidbinbilla National Park, and the Governor General’s house.

Of all, the Eastern Gray Kangaroos are the most common species. So, if anyone wants to see kangaroos, you need to visit the capital of Australia or Kangaroo Capital.

7. Great Ocean Road

The Great Green Ocean Road is a must-visit place for nature lovers. It is due to the spectacular beauty that warmly welcomes you as soon as you enter the zone. Due to its jaw-dropping beauty and scenic views, the road is considered the best route for long drives.

Also another specification of this place is the abundance of Eastern gray kangaroos that you can easily see hopping on the roads. The best way to identify Eastern Gray Kangaroos is to check their pale bellies and the back covered with gray furs.

The Anglesea Golf Course is the best zone with this place to see roos hopping or roaming freely. The respective administration claims to conduct kangaroo tours over there, which is a sight too much to watch.

Excited to see a kangaroo march? Plan a trip to Great Ocean Road. You won’t get disappointed with these sure-fire sightings.

8. Narawntapu National Park

YouTube video

Narawntapu National Park is another great place to get interacted with kangaroos. It’s a national park in Tasmania situated on its north coast. This region’s wildlife services are also called “Serengeti of Tasmania” as the place is home to prolific wildlife.

Of all the places, the most significant spots to sight a kangaroo are the woodlands, parks, wetlands, and lagoons. Please note that there are higher chances of seeing a kangaroo, but it’s not guaranteed that you will see a kangaroo on every visit.

The most potential zone within the park is the meadows, where you will see dozens of kangaroos hopping and grazing. Also, the time factor greatly matters in witnessing them in this national park. So, if you are into visiting Narawntapu National Park, be assured of the best possible time.

9. Woodlands Historic Park

The next place where you can easily find kangaroos is Woodlands Historical Park, Australia, adjacent to Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.

The park provides a great experience for wildlife biologists as it is home to many unique and one-of-its-kind animals, such as wallabies, migratory birds, bandicoots, echidnas, and most importantly, kangaroos.

The most obvious species of kangaroo that you will find here is the eastern gray kangaroo.

Frequently Asked Questions

So far, you must have started planning a tour to one of the places mentioned above in your mind. Importantly, all places are ideally best for sighting beautiful views of kangaroos jumping, grazing, or roaming.

Plus, get more information about kangaroos from this FAQ section to make your trip as successful as you plan.

What is the best time to see kangaroos?

Wildlife biologists suggest that the best time to see kangaroos is in the morning, especially early in the morning. Also, some kangaroos may appear right before sunrise, or you can say pre-dawn time. You can also see them in the late afternoon or in the evening time at dusk, but that’s very rare. Of all these options, the morning option is the best to see kangaroos, according to experts.

Are kangaroos nice to humans?

Kangaroos generally behave nicely to humans. The latest research conducted at the University of Roehampton in Britain and the University of Sydney in Australia says that kangaroos can even communicate with humans – a huge discovery.

It is important to mention here that this gentle animal can turn into a dangerous one if not treated well or if they sense their little one is in any danger. They have robust legs with deadly claws, and these features make them deadly animals.

How to go to Lucky Bay Australia?

The best way to get to Lucky Bay is a road trip. More precisely, it would be best if you started your journey from Perth, i.e., Western Australia’s Capital. And it will be a total drive of around eight hours to witness the most splendid beauty of the world.

Which countries have kangaroos?

Typically, kangaroos are native to Australia and are most likely only present in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Notably, they are also considered a pretty common symbol of Australia.

Can kangaroos be found in America?

The simplest answer to this question could be that only a phantom kangaroo population can live in America. As studies tell that kangaroos are endemic to Australia, however, a strange or unknown population of kangaroos or similar creatures has been spotted in the land of America. Also, one typical belief is that kangaroos can not live outside Australia.

Wrapping Up on the 9 Best Places to See Kangaroos

To summarise, we have provided you with the top nine places where you can easily find kangaroos roaming or grazing. Of all these places, we recommend you go to Kangaroo Island or Canberra, Australia. It’s because there are 99.9% chance of seeing kangaroos in these two places.

Also, if you want to meet kangaroos like your lost friend. If you want direct interaction by touching, hugging, or picking them on your lap – then a visit to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a must. In addition, all the places mentioned above are great tourist spots where you will have plenty of existing things to do.

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Thank you for reading the 9 Best Places to See Kangaroos.

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