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Have You Ever Seen A Leopard Fall Asleep? 

Leopard sleep
Beautiful leopard sleeping deep in the forest. Image by nejron via

Have you ever seen a leopard falling asleep? In this incredible video taken by our partner, Matthew Grosset in the Kruger National Park, we get a glimpse of just that! Let’s look at some leopard facts, their sleeping habits, and of course, the video. 

First, Some Quick Leopard Facts

leopard climbing
A female leopard rests in a tree far above the ground as the morning rays bathe her colorful coat. Image by bdivelbissphoto cia
Scientific NamePanthera pardus
Size110 – 200 pounds36 – 72 inch body length 26 – 40 inch tail
Lifespan12 – 23 years
Max Speed36 mph
HabitatAfrica & Asia
Conservation StatusVulnerable according to the IUCN Red List

Leopards Climbing Abilities

Leopard, panthera pardus, Adult standing in Tree, with a Kill, Moremi Reserve, Okavango Delta in Botswana. Image by slowmotiongli via

As we see in the article showcasing a leopard’s extraordinary climbing abilities, we know that these sleek felines have no trouble scaling up a tree! With their agile bodies, sharp claws, and immense power it comes as, dare I say, second nature. These skillful climbers even go down trees head first, defying gravity with their balance and strength. 

Leopards Love Trees

LEOPARD panthera pardus, 4 MONTH OLD CUB IN A TREE, NAMIBIA. Image by slowmotiongli via

Leopards often drag their kill high up in trees to avoid competition for their meal with other predators and scavengers. So in other words, to have their meal in peace! At times these Big Cats even hunt baboons sleeping in trees. 

Where Do Leopards Sleep?

Leopard sleeping in a tree
Leopard sleeping in a tree. Image by hedrus via

These solitary agile beauties prefer to sleep in trees or in rocky areas where they can get some rest knowing that they are safe from potential threats during their vulnerable state. Making their reason to sleep in trees a lot the same as their reason for dragging their kill up trees – some peace and quiet. 

Leopard Sleeping Habits

Leopard sleeping
Image via

As nocturnal animals, leopards mostly rest or sleep during the day and hunt at night, which is great if you have the incredible night vision they do! Like other Big Cats, leopards sleep an average of 12 hours a day. Depending on their instincts and conditions of course. 

The Video

YouTube video
Have you ever seen a leopard falling asleep? Source: Youtube, Uploaded: Animals Around The Globe

Night, Night Leopard

leopard sleep
A leopard asleep in a tree. Image by shalamov via

This amazing video from Matt shows the breathtaking visual of a leopard’s eyes falling close. A small moment that just made me fall even deeper in love with these beautiful animals. Reminding us that even the scary predators in the wild need some rest to take on the world.

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