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Video Showcasing A Leopards Extraordinary Climbing Abilities

leopard climbing
A female leopard rests in a tree far above the ground as the morning rays bathe her colorful coat. Image by bdivelbissphoto cia

One of our partners, Matthew Grosset, captured this incredible video of the extraordinary climbing abilities of a Leopard in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Not only are leopards beautiful but as we can see, agile as well! 

Big Cats

Leopard resting on a branch. Image by Pixabay via Pexels

If you’ve followed some of my other articles, you know how much I love big cats! This group consists of the 5 apex predators of the Panthera genus, namely the lion, tiger, snow leopard, jaguar, and of course the leopard. However, here at AATG we also consider the cheetah and cougar from the subfamily Felinae, as big cats. 

Leopard Characteristics 

Image by 2630ben via

These apex predators share many characteristics with the other big cat species, such as their strong and agile bodies, keen senses, and sharp teeth and claws. Leopards are carnivores that hunt various mammals that share their habitat and tend to lead solitary lives. These big cats also breed year-round and can roar. 

Some Leopard Facts

Image by DesignPicsInc via
Scientific NamePanthera pardus
Size10 feet long
Weight110 to 200 pounds
Speed36 mph
HabitatForests, savannahs, grasslands, deserts, arid and semi-arid regions
Conservation statusVulnerable according to the IUCN Red List

Why Do Leopards Climb Up Trees? 

Leopard, panthera pardus, Adult standing in Tree, with a Kill, Moremi Reserve, Okavango Delta in Botswana. Image by slowmotiongli via

You often see a leopard high up in a tree, but why do they do this? Maybe for some peace! Leopards pull their prey up in trees to avoid scavengers, like hyenas, or other hunters, like lions, from getting to their kill. They also use the safety of trees to rest away from potential danger.

Leopards Climbing Abilities

leopard cub
LEOPARD panthera pardus, 4 MONTH OLD CUB IN A TREE, NAMIBIA. Image by slowmotiongli via

Leopards have incredibly strong shoulders and front limbs, making pulling themselves up steep trees a breeze. They also weigh less than, let’s say a lion, allowing them to climb easier. Their low center of gravity and high power-to-weight ratio let them move easily up and down trees. Oh, and of course their sharp claws help them grip tree trunks!

The Video

YouTube video
Leopard climbs tree with ease. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: Animals Around The Globe

Final Say On Leopards Climbing Abilities

Leopard, panthera pardus, Adult standing in Tree, with a Kill, Moremi Reserve, Okavango Delta in Botswana. Image by slowmotiongli via

This video shows us a leopard in the Kruger National Park gracefully moving up and down a tree. Displaying its combination of agility, strength, and instincts beautifully. And even though leopards are one of the smaller big cats, they have exceptional climbing skills. 

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