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Man’s Life Mission Helps Hundreds of Street Dogs in Thailand

street dog
Homeless dog sleeping on the street in the town of Pushkar, India. Image via OlegDoroshenko

This wholesome story of Naill Haribson’s life mission to help stray dogs in Thailand will melt your heart. From his daily food drop-offs to feed the street doggos, to the healthcare he helps provide to injured dogs, to the loving homes he helps find them. 

Does Thailand Really Have That Many Street Dogs? 

street dogs
Image by Gladkov via

There are around 8.5 million dogs in Thailand. Of which close to 730,000 owners abandon them to fend for themselves. These street dogs, locally referred to as soi dogs face nature’s elements daily and are typically unvaccinated. Making their survival even more difficult.

What Happens To Them? 

street dog
Image by haak78 via

These street dogs fend for themselves when it comes to food and shelter. Some live in packs while others cruise on their own. Most of these street dogs are not sterilized, meaning they can reproduce with other street dogs – which leads to an increase in dogs living on the streets. 

Soi Dogs

street dog
Image by scottiebumich via

Most of these street dogs have no one to help them when they are ill or injured. This is where Naill enters the picture. Originally from Ireland, he made Thailand his home with the mission to help as many dogs as possible. 

What Does He Do? 

street dog
Image by bracas via

On his Instagram page, you can see Nail packs his scooter with food every day. With this food, he feeds between 80 and 100 street dogs daily- you should see how excited they get when they hear the scooter coming! This might seem a small feat, but in the long run, these doggos are saved from starvation and fighting for their survival. 

Medical Help

street dog
Image by kmiragaya via

His care for these street pups doesn’t stop at dinner, Naill also helps many sick and injured dogs. If he comes across a pup in need he makes sure they get to the vet to receive the medical care they need. He shares each of their special stories on his Instagram page – which I highly recommend for a wholesome scroll.

Happy Doggo

street dogs
Image by smarnad via

Every effort to help animals in need is valued, no matter how big or small. From a pup receiving a meal today and another’s medical needs being met. We are in awe of the wonderful efforts Naill and his team make! If you would like to support them in their mission to help street dogs, have a look at their donation page here

We wish Naill and his team many successful and happy dog rescue days!

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