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Meet These Surprising Animals With Multiple Hearts

octopus punching fish
Image by TheSP4N1SH via Depositphotos

Who would have imagined that animals with multiple hearts would exist? We are accustomed to the peculiarities of various species, but some critters still manage to catch us off guard. One such quirk lies in their cardiovascular system. While humans content themselves with a lone heart, there are creatures out there that boast not one, but multiple pumps. 

Octopuses: The Masters of Deception

octopus punching fish
Octopus on a sandy reef. Image by thomaseder via Depositphotos

Our journey begins with the octopus. These clever cephalopods are also known to conceal a secret inside their tentacled chests: three hearts. Two of these hearts are tucked away inside their gelatinous bodies, pumping blood to the gills, and the third regulates the circulation throughout the blue-blooded creature. It’s an odd configuration. Evidently, it says a lot about the intricacy of life below the waves.

Earthworms: Simple Yet Remarkable

Image by Julian Zwengel via Unsplash

Here comes the earthworm, a creature so humble that its importance could be missed. Still, it has five hearts hidden within its divided body—not just one or two. These tiny organs put forth endless effort to pump blood throughout the worm’s thin body, enabling vital processes like digestion and breathing.

The Unassuming Hagfish

Six gill hagfish Eptatretus hexatrema at the wreck of the Oakburn at Duiker Point on the Cape Peninsula
Six gill hagfish Eptatretus hexatrema at the wreck of the Oakburn at Duiker Point on the Cape Peninsula. By Peter Southwood – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Often dismissed as little more than scavengers of the sea, Hagfish possess a biological quirk that sets them apart – four hearts. Dwelling in the murky depths, hagfish navigate their environment with grace. 

The Mighty Squid

By Betty Wills, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The squid is a wonder of the oceans, its sleek body and tentacles that appear to dance through the water. And not just one, not two, but three hearts are concealed beneath its mantle. While the third heart maintains circulation throughout the body, the other two pump blood to the gills so they can absorb oxygen. 

Wrapping Up with Animals With Multiple Hearts

octopus punching fish
Image by via Depositphotos

Diversity is woven into every thread of the tapestry of life. It creates a vibrant picture of existence. Although the animals we have come across today differ, they are all united by the fact that they have more than one heart. Every creature depicts the infinite creativity of nature. Thus, keep an open heart—perhaps several hearts—for the wonders in mother nature.

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