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Animal Bites – Spiders, Snakes, And All Other Scary Biters

Dendroaspis polylepis, Black Mamba, Namibia

Animal bites truly capture our imagination, stirring a deep sense of wonder and respect. It’s fascinating to see how animals, insects, and reptiles use their bites – whether to inject venom, defend themselves, or just nibble away. These actions are remarkable examples of nature’s engineering, showcasing the incredible journey of evolution.

Dive Into Animal Bites Across the Animal Kingdom

Dive into the diverse and fascinating articles on animal bites with our comprehensive guides, exploring everything from sheer bite force to deadly venom.

Overview of the Most Impressive Bites from Different Species

The following table provides a snapshot of the incredible world of animal bites, showcasing the variation and specialization in the way animals hunt, defend, and survive.

Species GroupExample SpeciesBite Force (PSI*)Bite Speed (estimated)Venom Injected
SnakesKing CobraVariesFast (milliseconds)Up to 7 ml (neurotoxin)
RattlesnakeVariesFast (milliseconds)20-50 mg (hemotoxin)
SpidersBlack WidowNegligible forceVery fast (milliseconds)0.1 mg (neurotoxin)
Brazilian Wandering SpiderNegligible forceVery fast (milliseconds)1.069 mg (neurotoxin)
ScorpionsArizona Bark ScorpionVery low forceFast (milliseconds)0.5 mg (neurotoxin)
Deathstalker ScorpionVery low forceFast (milliseconds)0.4 mg (neurotoxin)
DogsGerman Shepherd238 PSIModerate speedN/A
Rottweiler328 PSIModerate speedN/A
Big CatsAfrican Lion650 PSIFastN/A
Tiger1,050 PSIFastN/A
CrocodilesSaltwater Crocodile3,700 PSIVery fastN/A
Nile Crocodile5,000 PSIVery fastN/A
SharksGreat White Shark4,000 PSIVery fastN/A
Bull Shark1,350 PSIVery fastN/A
EaglesBald Eagle400 PSIFastN/A
Harpy Eagle530 PSIFastN/A

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