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10 Facts on Selkirk Rex Cat

Image via Pixabay

The Unforgettable Selkirk Rex – a unique cat with a luxurious coat.

Have you heard of the beautiful Selkirk Rex cat? This medium-to-long-haired kitty first came and has since become a part of many families. Known for their striking coats and affectionate personalities, Selkirk Rex cats can make great companions if you’re looking for an different addition to your furry family.

In this blog post, we will explore what makes these cats so unique, including their coat types and care needs – read on to learn more!

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Image via Pixabay

What Is A Selkirk Rex?

The Selkirk Rex is a rare cat known for its wonderfully soft and luxurious fur. This breed was first discovered in Montana in 1987 by breeder Jeri Newman, who found a litter of cats with an unusual curly coat. 

After careful study, it was determined that the cats had a genetic mutation that caused their distinctive fur coats, and they were subsequently named after Newman’s stepfather, Sally Selkirk.

Unique History

Image via Pixabay

The breed has become one of the most sought-after breeds due to its unique characteristics. Additionally for its beautiful fur. This breed is known for its large round eyes and short yet muscular body type. 

The species has recently gained much attention on social media and television shows due to its sweet nature and friendly personality.

Origin Story

Image via Pixabay

The Selkirk Rex was introduced by a Persian breeder named Jeri Newman in Montana. The cat was found as a stray and adopted by Newman – who noticed its unique fur texture and curled locks. 

After extensive research Newman realized that the cat came into existence from two parent cats, a medium-haired black smoke female Persian and an unknown male with curly fur. This mix resulted in the distinctive coat of the Selkirk Rex and its other defining characteristics, such as its big eyes and short nose.

Development And Recognition As A Breed

Image via Pixabay

As word of the new breed spread throughout the feline world, many breeders wanted to work with these cats to help them become part of an official breed list.

In 1994, the International Cat Association (TICA) recognized the Selkirk Rex as an official breed and began registering them for competition. 

Since then this rare breed has been gaining more attention among potential pet owners thanks to its unique physical characteristics and sweet personality. The 2009 movie “Alice in Wonderland” even featured a Selkirk Rex playing Cheshire Cat! Although still relatively rare due to their limited gene pool, this fascinating feline has been found in Europe, North America, and beyond.


Image via Pixabay

This breed is known to be extremely affectionate, loyal, playful, and gentle. They are typically very intelligent cats who enjoy spending time with their human companions: they are often seen following their owners around the house or curling up next to them during nap time. Selkirk Rex cats have been described as having “dog-like” personalities because of their loyalty and eagerness to please humans.

Why It Might Be The Perfect Feline Companion

The Selkirk Rex may be the ideal feline companion for those looking for an independent yet loving pet. This unique breed can provide plenty of affection while allowing you some freedom.

They understand when it’s time to give you space but are always there with snuggles when you need them most! If you’re looking for a loyal companion who loves cuddles just as much as playing hide-and-seek around the house, this cat could be one!

Physical Appearance Of The Selkirk Rex – Luxurious Fur Coat 

Image via Pixabay

The cat stands out from other cats thanks to its exquisite fur coat. Its coat has soft, curly fur that is sometimes compared to the wool of lambs. It is available in solid, tabby, tortoiseshell, and bi-color patterns. 

The cat appears larger than its actual size due to the thick and plush texture of its fur.

This breed also has an undercoat resembling a rolled wool fringe along the abdomen, chest, and legs. This breed does not require much maintenance in terms of grooming as its coat is naturally quite low-maintenance compared to other species with long coats.

Other Distinctive Features

Image via Pixabay

Besides its luxurious fur coat, the Selkirk Rex has several other distinctive features that set it apart from other cats. This breed has a large head with prominent cheekbones, wide-set eyes, a short muzzle, and ears slightly curved back toward the crown of their head. 

They have thick necks and large paws – giving them an unusual look compared to other cats. Their tails tend to be shorter than average but are still very fluffy. Thus giving them an adorable “pom-pom” look. They are renowned for their mischievous personalities.

Outgoing Nature and Loving Personality

Image via Pixabay

The Selkirk Rex is a charming cat breed with an outgoing personality. They love people and love to be the center of attention. Evidently they are an ideal pet for those who enjoy a bit of company. 

The personality of the Selkirk Rex is very affectionate. Thus often enjoying long cuddle sessions or playtime with its human family. This breed is also quite vocal, constantly meowing to communicate its needs and desires.

Independent But Affectionate With Familiar People

Image via Pixabay

While the Selkirk Rex does require regular attention and socialization, it is also independent and self-sufficient when left alone. This breed can easily entertain itself by chasing toys or playing with its reflection in a mirror without relying on interaction from its owner every minute of the day. 

However, when it comes to familiar people, the Selkirk Rex shows great affection towards them. This species loves bonding through activities like playing games or watching movies.

Low Maintenance Grooming Requirements

Image via Pixabay

The Selkirk Rex’s coat is the most distinguishing feature. While its fur may appear long and luxurious at first glance, they have low maintenance grooming requirements.

Due to its unique hair structure, brushing must be done once per week or so. This is to keep it tangle-free with minimal shedding.

Is Selkirk Rex Rare?

Image via Pixabay

The Selkirk Rex is currently categorized as rare. However, they have become slightly more popular over recent years due to its unique look and character traits. Two associations only recognize the Selkirk Rex.

The Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF) in Europe and The International Cat Association (TICA) in North America. As such, breeding this cat breed can be difficult. Thus making these cats quite valuable among collectors and those who appreciate their beauty.

Visit the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF) for more details.

Selkirk Rex cats are known for having dense coats that feel like cashmere or rabbit fur. This is a texture that no other cat breed has! They also tend to be larger than most other cats, with males weighing, on average, 12–18 pounds. While females weigh between 8–12 pounds—making them rather hefty kitties! Some distinctive features include their round head shape and short muzzle, along with their teddy bear-like appearance.

Wrapping Up with Selkirk Rex Cat

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Selkirk Rex Cat 101 : Breed & Personality, Source: Kitten Life, Youtube

The Selkirk Rex is an incredibly unique cat breed with a luxurious coat. This breed has a gentle temperament and of course a loving personality. Thus making them an excellent choice for those who want a real companion. With their interesting history, they are sure to be an ideal addition to any home. 

With their ultra curly fur, large eyes, loving nature and playful attitude, the Selkirk Rex is the perfect cat for anyone looking for an affectionate, eye-catching companion!

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