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Senior Rescue Chihuahua Returned To Shelter And The Reason Is Shocking

Rescue chihuahua

A mere four months after the senior chihuahua, Twinkle, was adopted from a rescue center her adoptive parents returned her to the shelter. Breaking the poor rescue dog’s heart. Read on to learn why, and to find out where Twinkle is today!

Twinkle’s Rescue

In 2022, Twinkle was rescued from the streets of Miami, Florida, and brought to the True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission. A wonderful rescue center dedicated to saving the lives of senior and unwanted dogs from high-kill institutions in the hopes of giving them a second chance at a happy life. 

Her Recovery

rescue chihuahua
Screenshot from trueandfaithful TikTok

Twinkle arrived at the shelter with bad dental problems, severely underweight, and a skin infection. The poor pup also had to undergo surgery to remove mammary tumors. To everyone’s joy, the surgery was a success! And after a couple of weeks of recovery, Twinkle regained weight and was ready to take on life again. 

A Second Chance

A couple of months later Twinkle was adopted by an amazing family, or so it seemed. The family had other senior chihuahuas, which seemed like the perfect environment for Twinkle to live the rest of her life as a happy pup. Unfortunately, the family did not like dogs sleeping in their beds – something that Twinkle wanted to do badly. 

All Round Devastation

Rescue chihuahua
Screenshot of Twinkle from trueandfaithful TikTok

Four months after they adopted her, the family handed Twinkle over the fence of the rescue center and left. All because this old lady wanted to share their bed with them. Heartbreak hit everyone at the shelter, especially Twinkle – who thought she had lost all hope of having a loving home. 

Third Time Lucky

After her friends at the shelter shared the news of this cuddly dog named Twinkle looking for a new home, adoption requests were flooding in! Her new – and permanent – adoptive parents drove to Miami all the way from South Carolina to adopt her. 

Happy Home

Rescue chihauhau
Twinkle (left) with her new adoptive mom and sibling Zoey. Screenshot from trueandfaithful TikTok

Today Twinkle has six other fluffy siblings she shares a loving home with. But the best part must be the king-size bed she is always welcome in! It is amazing to know that after all the heartbreak Twinkle had to face, she is now a part of a family that shower her with all the love she deserves. 

Final Say On Twinkle’s Rescue

rescue chihuahua
Twinkle and her amazing new family. Screenshot from trueandfaithful TikTok

We are so happy for Twinkle and her new home, but if you are adopting any animal be sure you are ready for the responsibility and commitment they require. Even if it includes sharing your bed!

Do you share your bed with your pets? Let us know in the comments.

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Monday 29th of April 2024

Yes I share my bed. Shame on those people. Bless Twinkle.

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