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Huge Bull Rides Shotgun In Nebraska

bull rides shotgun

The streets of Norfolk, Nebraska, bore witness to an extraordinary event that captured the town’s imagination and beyond: a bull riding shotgun.

bull rides shotgun

This isn’t a scene from a whimsical movie but a real-life tale of passion, creativity, and the lengths one man went to realize his dream.

To make this scene even more comedic – this impressive bull bears the name Howdy Doody.

Let’s dive into this story of Lee Meyer, his beloved bull, and their unforgettable journey that challenges the very fabric of the ordinary!

A Sight to Behold in Norfolk’s Streets

By Wilfredor

In the tranquil avenues of Norfolk, Nebraska, residents could witness a spectacle that was nothing short of astonishing.

A man was spotted driving with a full-sized bull riding shotgun. As if this wasn’t enough, the bull’s name was nothing less than Howdy Doody.

Howdy Doody wasn’t just any ordinary bull; it was a colossal Watusi, renowned for its enormous horns and African lineage.

What Is a Watusi?

The Watusi bull, native to Africa, possesses colossal horns which can span up to 8 feet.

This breed is not only admired for its impressive horn size but also for its adaptability to diverse climates and terrains. Watusis display a distinctive hump over their shoulders and weigh between 1,000 to 1,600 pounds.

Apart from their physical attributes, people know Watusis because of their docile temperament, making them favorable among breeders and enthusiasts.

Bull Rides Shotgun: The Modified Ride

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The vehicle, a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria, wasn’t standard either. It had undergone significant modifications to accommodate its hefty passenger.

The roof on the passenger side was entirely removed, and the car’s frame was reinforced to bear the bull’s weight. Lee Meyer, the visionary behind this unique setup, had transformed the car that had once been a police cruiser, into a mobile spectacle.

Lee Meyer’s Vision and Determination

This man had harbored the dream of his bull riding shotgun for years.

The idea of converting his car into Howdy Doody’s personal chariot wasn’t a recent epiphany. However, it was a challenge from his skeptical granddaughter that propelled him into action.

Determined to prove her wrong, Meyer remarked, “I had to show her that Grandpa could do it.” And he did, with flair and conviction.

While Meyer’s venture was heartwarming, it did raise questions about the legal implications of such car modifications. The responsibility of approving such changes falls under the Nebraska State Patrol. Meyer candidly admitted to not seeking any formal approvals.

However, the incident was a testament to the profound bond between a man and his cherished animal, a connection that challenges conventions and norms.

Bull Riding Shotgun: Wrapping Up

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In a world filled with the mundane, it’s stories like these that reignite our sense of wonder. Howdy Doody and Lee Meyer’s unforgettable ride through Norfolk is a testament to human creativity, determination, and the extraordinary tales that emerge when these two converge.

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