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Watch: Lion Reunites with Human Mother After 12 years

Lion Reunites with Human Mother
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Let’s witness the touching journey of Jupiter the lion, rescued from a circus, as he reunites with his ‘human’ mother, Ana Julia Torres.

Lion Reunites with Human Mother
Youtube / @nowthisnews

Lion Reunites with Human Mother

Jupiter the lion, once a circus cub born to an abused mother, embarks on a poignant journey back to the arms of his ‘human’ mother, Ana Julia Torres. 

This reunion comes as a desperate attempt to save Jupiter’s deteriorating health. Which had suffered since his relocation to the Los Caimanes zoo in 2019. 

The story of Jupiter and Ana Julia Torres is one of unlikely connections, separation, and now, a heartfelt reunion that captures the attention of animal lovers worldwide.

A Bond Forged in Adversity

Jupiter’s story begins in a Colombian rescue for abused animals, where he found an unexpected friend and ‘mother’ in Ana Julia Torres. 

Rescued as a newborn from a circus, Jupiter’s mother had endured abuse before giving birth. 

The bond between Torres and Jupiter grew stronger each day. This connection resonated with people worldwide when a viral video of their embrace captivated hearts in 2011.

A Separation That Tugged at the Heartstrings

However, the journey took a challenging turn in 2017 when environmental agencies decided to remove nearly 200 animals from Torres’ shelter. Due to insufficient resources and documentation. 

Jupiter found himself in the confines of the Los Caimanes zoo in 2019. 

The separation marked the beginning of a decline in Jupiter’s health, evident in the dramatic weight loss that left Torres deeply concerned.

Desperate Measures for a Beloved Lion

The yearning for Jupiter’s well-being led Torres to visit him at his new home. Only to discover a lion she scarcely recognized.

 Jupiter’s alarming condition, marked by significant weight loss, had taken a toll on his liver and kidneys. 

Distressed by the sight of a malnourished and despondent Jupiter. Torres and the public joined forces in advocating for his return to Cali.

Jupiter’s Journey Back Home

Responding to the mounting concerns, the Colombian Minister of Defence orchestrated Jupiter’s return to Cali.

The 20-year-old lion, once again under the care of his ‘human’ mother, is now the focus of a city mobilizing to restore his health. 

The heartfelt reunion unfolds not just as a personal triumph for Torres and Jupiter but as a testament to the enduring bonds that transcend species.

The Video

YouTube video
Youtube / @nowthisnews


Jupiter’s journey from a circus cub to a Colombian rescue, a zoo, and now back to the arms of his ‘human’ mother Ana Julia Torres, is a narrative that encapsulates the complexities of human-animal connections. 

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