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Scientists Have 20-Minute Conversation With Humpback Whale

humpack whale conversation
Illustration showing a humpback whale communicating with scientists. Illustration by Zara Prew, Animals Around the Globe

A team of researchers have achieved what might seem like science fiction: a two-way conversation with a humpback whale. This scientific breakthrough, marked by a 20-minute interaction with a whale named Twain, strangely represents a fusion of marine biology, technology, and the quest for understanding extra-terrestrial intelligence. Orchestrated by experts from UC Davis, the SETI Institute, and the Alaska Whale Foundation, this conversation with Twain opens new doors to our understanding of non-human intelligence. It paves the way for future discoveries in interspecies communication and beyond.

Communicating with Humpback Whales

In a groundbreaking study, scientists from the University of California, Davis, the SETI Institute, and the Alaska Whale Foundation have engaged in a 20-minute conversation with a humpback whale named Twain. This took place off the coast of Alaska and signifies a monumental step in understanding non-human communication systems.

humpack whale conversation
Image credit: Elianne Dipp via Pexels

The Whale-SETI Project

The project, aptly named Whale-SETI (Whale Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), represents an innovative blend of marine biology and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Researchers have been analysing whale sounds using sophisticated hydrophones and AI algorithms to identify patterns and structures indicative of language-like characteristics. This approach extends beyond deciphering whale communication, offering insights into language development in intelligent species.

The Mechanics of Whale Communication

During the experiment, the team broadcasted a series of whale “contact calls” – akin to human greetings – and received responsive calls from Twain. This interactive session saw the whale responding to 36 out of 38 calls, often mirroring the intervals between calls set by the researchers. Such interval matching suggests a level of intentional communication and understanding on the part of Twain.

Implications for Understanding Intelligence Beyond Earth

This research has profound implications, particularly in the realm of extraterrestrial intelligence. By studying the communication systems of intelligent terrestrial species like humpback whales, scientists aim to develop intelligent filters that can aid in the recognition and interpretation of potential extra-terrestrial signals. The hypothesis is that understanding non-human communication on Earth might be key to recognizing signals from other intelligent life forms.

Humpback Whales: A Glimpse into Non-Human Intelligence

humpback whale conversation
Image credit: Elianne Dipp via Pexels

Humpback whales, known for their impressive size and distinctive songs, have demonstrated complex social systems and behaviors, including tool usage and intricate communication methods. Their songs and calls, which vary among different whale populations, suggest distinct ‘languages’ or ‘dialects.’


The conversation with Twain the humpback whale stands as a remarkable achievement both in the fields of animal communication and astrobiology. It highlights the potential for future interdisciplinary research and the importance of understanding and preserving these intelligent marine beings. The Whale-SETI project not only bridges our knowledge gap between marine and extra-terrestrial intelligence but also cultivates a deeper connection with the marine world, reminding us of the diverse forms of intelligence that share our planet.

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