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Watch: A lion trips and falls over a waterfall

Male lion walking through the water
Male lion walking through the water. Image via Depositphotos

Lions are known for their abilities on land and not in water. However, lions adapt to the circumstances in which they are given. For example, in specific regions of East Africa a group of lions have developed a tree-climbing culture. This helps protect them from insects and helps them escape from the heat. In the Okavango Delta, lions are known to swim across rivers. The following video shows a lion in South Africa attempting to cross a river, where he slips and is carried over the waterfall.

Lions and Water

Male lion swimming
Male lion swimming. Image by GUDKOVANDREY via Depositphotos

As part of the cat family, lions naturally have a water aversion. However, at times it is necessary for lions to cross over waterways. They are surprisingly very capable swimmers. In the Okavango Delta certain areas are often flooded, making them accessible only by swimming. Their swimming ability allows them to access new regions for hunting and territory.

YouTube video
“Male lion trips and falls over waterfall”, Source: “YouTube”, Uploaded: “Maasai Sightings”

The Video

The once-in-a-lifetime video recorded by James is a moment he will never forget. The lion seems to be at ease, strolling beside a waterfall. He misjudged the river’s force and was unexpectedly thrown over the waterfall’s edge. The fall over the edge appears clumsy. However, he promptly rises and walks away unbothered.


Lions are resilient; they face multiple challenges daily, which they need to overcome to survive. They have developed different strategies to do so. For instance, the lions in East Africa have mastered the art of climbing trees. These lions climb trees to escape the heat and biting insects. Similarly, the lions in the Okavango Delta have become adept swimmers in finding food and transverse their watery landscape. The resilience of lions is illustrated by this video, who despite tumbling over a waterfall, quickly recovers and walks off.

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