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Homeless Man Develops Life-Changing Friendship with a Husky

Sora (the Husky) and Bruno
Sora (the Husky) and Bruno Image by The Dodo via YouTube

A beautiful friendship has blossomed between a husky named Sora and a once-homeless man named Bruno. Every morning, the owner and his dog Sora visited Bruno on the corner of a street in Paris. Sora was always so happy to see Bruno. Bruno showed kindness towards Sora, which is possibly the moment his life changed forever.

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Cute husky on walk in park Image by belchonock via Depositphotos

Sora’s owner brings Bruno a coffee, a croissant, and a hug from Sora each day. He takes the same route each day past Bruno’s tent so that Sora and Bruno can meet.

Offering a helping hand

The owner shared the story on TikTok, which then went viral. He then realized that he could help Bruno! He opened a donation page that raised 5,800 Euros to help Bruno get off the street. Bruno was overwhelmed with gratitude but was also quite embarrassed.

A Challenging System

Husky. Anouk the husky, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Despite the donated funds, Bruno remained on the street due to banking regulations that require a passport for withdrawal. Bruno had lost his passport and only had a copy. The owner decided to help Bruno obtain his passport.

A Long Wait

While they wait for the passport to be ready, Sora’s owner offers Bruno a place to stay, but Bruno refuses. In the interim, he provides Bruno with a new tent.

Final Steps to Stability

On the day that the passport arrived, Bruno is found weak and freezing, the dogs owner insisted that he came to stay at his house. Bruno dresses warmly, cleans up and eventually secures his own accommodation. He is off the streets!

The owner explains to Bruno that he has 5,800 euros to give him
The owner explains to Bruno that he has 5,800 euros to give him. Image by The Dodo via YouTube

Lessons from a Dog

Bruno’s friendly attitude towards the husky Sora played a role in changing his life. This taught Sora’s owner a very important lesson about valuing people around you despite their circumstances. The owner trusted the dogs judgement, and even let Bruno into his home. Sora’s unconditionally loved Bruno, and changed his life.

YouTube video
“Husky Becomes Obsessed With Homeless Man And Helps Change His Life Forever | The Dodo ”, Source: “YouTube”, Uploaded: “The Dodo”

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