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Watch: Cat Taunts Two Alligators

cat and gator
Credit: YouTube / Arketron

In the video below, a cute cat (dynamite comes in small packages) taunts two alligators. In this viral video, the cat ends up saving his owners life! Join us as we compare the characteristics of the opponents, the cat, and gators.

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The Scene

Alligator Cat
Image by Arketron via YouTube.

When two hungry, vicious alligators emerge from a swamp, Mugsy the cat, leaps into action to protect his humans! The cat decided to guard its ‘hooman’ from becoming the gators lunch. Is this bravery, stupidity, or just typical cat behavior?

Size Comparison

American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Anhinga Trail. Hans Stieglitz, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The domestic cats sizes are from small to medium. They have an average length of around 18 inches for adult cats. In contrast, American alligators, native to the southeastern United States, are considerably larger. Adult male alligators can grow up to 13–15 ft in length, while females are reach lengths of around 10 ft.

Weight Comparison

Siamese cat
Cute Siamese cat. Image via Depositphotos

Despite their small stature compared to alligators, cats are strong for their size! Their muscular bodies, weighing about 8–10 lb, make it possible for them to leap great distances. Moreover, alligators possess immense bulk and power. Alligators weigh between 500–1,000 lb concentrated in their muscular bodies and thick, armored skin.

Jaw Comparison

American Alligator. Skeetdeloach at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Equipped with rows of sharp teeth designed for gripping and tearing, an alligator’s bite is powerful. Alligators have one of the strongest bites. They have a bite force of around 2,000 lb per square inch. While in contrast, a cat’s bite may not be as powerful, their sharp teeth and retractable claws can still cause damage.

Agility Comparison

tabby cat
Tabby cat. Image by Krysten Merriman via Pexels

Cats are agile and have quick reflexes. These traits have made them successful hunters. Their ability to jump, climb, and move with grace lets them move through challenging environments and escape threats. Whereas alligators, are surprisingly agile in the water. Their muscular tails propel them through the water with speed and precision. This allows them to ambush prey.


YouTube video
Cat Taunts Two Alligators. Credit: arketron – Source: YouTube

In the footage between the cat and the two aggressive gators, the contrasting physical characteristics of these animals came to the forefront. While the cat may lack the size and strength of the alligators, its bravery and agility prove to be invaluable assets in the face of danger!

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