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Watch: Friends Show Very Different Reactions to Approaching Bison Herd

Different Reactions to Bison
Image via USA Today

Watch as friends display dramatically different reactions to an approaching bison herd: one remains calm while the other is visibly excited.

The Family of Bison

In this funny and amazing scene, a family of bison calmly approaches a car with two friends inside.

The animals move together in a collected formation, while the two girls in the car are far from collected. 

Panic vs. Excitement

In the car, we hear two different human reactions to the approaching bison herd.

One friend remains completely calm while the other bubbles with panic and a hint of nervousness. 

This contrast not only adds a layer of humor to the encounter but also illustrates the diverse ways people can perceive and react to wildlife. 

The Video

“friends have very different reactions to approaching herd of bison” via USA TODAY

Stay Calm

So, which friend would you be in this incident?

It’s hard to say until it happens, but let us tell you how you should react. You may remember it, or maybe not. 

In encounters with wildlife, staying calm is very important. 

These animals can be unpredictable and dangerous if provoked or threatened. 

Maintaining a calm demeanor helps ensure both personal safety and the well-being of the animals.

Fun Fact About the Bison

Did you know that bison have excellent hearing? 

In fact, their sense of hearing is so sharp that they can detect sounds much lower in frequency than humans can! 

As a result, they are highly responsive to their environment. 

This keen auditory ability helps them communicate within the herd and stay alert to potential threats.

Another Bison Encounter with a Different Ending

“Man vs Bison” via AATG

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