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Baby Bison Falls Asleep in the Middle of the Road in Yellowstone National Park

Baby Bison Falls Asleep in road
Image via ViralHog

Watch as a baby bison falls asleep in the road at Yellowstone National Park, turning into an adorable traffic stopper.

Anywhere Is a Nap-Place If You Are Tired Enough

In Yellowstone National Park, a baby bison calf proved that when sleep calls, any spot can become the perfect nap place—even if it’s in the middle of the road! 

This video captures a tiny calf deciding that the warm asphalt was the best place to take a break. 

Unconcerned with the rules of human roads, the calf curled up and dozed off. 

Baby Bison Sleeping Pattern

Like many young animals, baby bison require plenty of rest to support their rapid growth and development. 

Their sleeping patterns can be sporadic, with several short naps scattered throughout the day and night. 

This spontaneous snooze on the road is typical of young bison.

They sleep whenever and wherever they feel safe and tired, using these moments to recharge for more exploring and playing with their herd.

Traffic Stopper

Even though the sight of a napping bison calf turned into a traffic stopper. 

It brought smiles and a sense of wonder to those who witnessed it. 

Drivers and passengers alike were thrilled to observe such a peaceful scene.

Lastly, this delightful interruption served as a powerful reminder of the joys and surprises that come with respecting and sharing spaces with wildlife.

The Video

“Traffic Stopped for Baby Bison Calf! via ViralHog

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