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Watch: How To Greet a Wolf


Wolves are one of the most beautiful creatures living in the woods but on the other hand, these beauties can turn into ferocious beasts. So it becomes quite important to know how to greet a wolf. It doesn’t matter if you are approaching a wolf by choice or are preparing for an accidental encounter there are some basic rules to stick by to greet a wolf.

Are Wolves Dangerous?

To answer this one, yes they are and it becomes even trickier when you don’t know how to greet their presence. Tamed wolves are comparatively much more friendly and accept human interaction compared to wild ones.

A Tamed Wolf Encounter

wolf siblings
Two loving wolf siblings. Image by Yannick Menard via Unsplash

A tamed wolf is always a safer option to go for. There are certain basic steps to approach a wolf. The first step is to stay calm and let the wolf approach you. Sit with one of your legs flat on the ground and with a back support on the ground.

The wolf most of the time will approach your face either from the back or directly from the front. It is important not to lose balance. On the other hand, listening to staff instructions or a friendly encounter can easily get transformed into an act of aggression. If you think you are losing your balance while kneeling, then it’s better to stand and greet the wolves.

Don’t move a lot or it might attract the wolf and it might lead to domination by the wolf. Sometimes the instructor can direct you to present a closed fist forward so that your scents can be tracked by the wolf and it can start building up trust in you.

Women are more easily trusted and they connect more easily to both sexes. Most of the wolves are better attracted to women and it’s pretty hard for them to adjust to males. This might be due to the scents secreted by females and the masculine huge body when it comes to males.

A Wild Wolf Encounter

Grey wolf
A grey wolf. Image by EBFoto via Depositphotos

People have developed numerous misconceptions when it comes to wild wolves. The first fact that one should know is that it’s pretty hard to find a wolf roaming around in the wild. Most of the wolves stay away from humans. You can hear them howl but their sight is a wonder. If you encounter one of them in the wild, it’s vital to be dominating.

Interaction with the Wonders of Elmirs Island

Elmirs Island is a famous spot to meet wolves in the wild. There are certain rules to be followed while having this encounter. A gunshot sound should always be present in the worst scenario. One must never feed these wolves at any cost. Stand erect and stay calm by holding your ground.

Dealing with an Injured Wolf

An injured wolf is much more dangerous than a healthy one. The first instinct of these wolves is to attack and hence trained personnel should only handle them in the situation.


A wolf eating chunks of meat from an Elk carcass. Image by: Ellie Attebery – Down the Hatch, CC BY 2.0,

Greeting a wolf takes a lot. This interaction is all about making the correct judgment and opting for the perfect choice. Wolves are majestic creatures who like to be treated royally. Follow these steps and keep the basics in mind before you meet one of them.

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