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Watch: Magpie Helps Hedgehog Cross The Street

Magpie Helps Hedgehog Cross The Street
Magpie Helps Hedgehog Cross The Street. Image by Daily Dose Of Internet via YouTube

Did you need something to brighten your day? Well, here we have a magpie helping a helpless hedgehog cross a busy street. This video also makes us question how intelligent magpies are. Join us as we witness this amazing footage and explore the magpies intelligence.

Magpie Intelligence

Magpie sitting on a branch. Image via

Magpies have amazing cognitive abilities. They show advanced problem-solving skills, tool usage, and even self-recognition in mirrors! Their intelligence reflects some primates, showcasing an example of avian cognition.

Emotional Intelligence of Magpies

magpie in flight. Image via Deposit Photos

Magpies show complex social behaviors. They form strong bonds within their groups. Often displaying empathy towards members in distress. This tells us they have a level of emotional intelligence that extends beyond their instinct. It strengthens their interactions and relationships.

The Cognitive of Magpies

Magpie on grass. Image via Deposit Photos

Magpies have incredible memory capabilities. This allows them to recall the locations of thousands of food caches over large areas. Their cognitive prowess makes it possible for them to adapt to changing environments, solve novel problems, and live in diverse ecosystems. It also highlights the level of avian intelligence.

The Heart of the Magpie

Magpie, Pica pica, single bird in flight. Image via Deposit Photos

Magpies participate in courtship rituals, vocalizations, and displays to communicate with potential mates and reinforce social bonds within their groups. Their ability to perceive and respond to emotional cues shows a sophisticated level of emotional intelligence that contributes to their cohesive societies.

Wrap Up

Hedgehog in the garden. Image Via Unsplash.

After witnessing this act of kindness between animals, it should make us second guess how we are treating strangers today, and all the time! A short read but a good lesson learnt!

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YouTube video
Magpie helps Hedgehog cross the street. Source: YouTube, Channel: Daily dose of internet.

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Saturday 23rd of March 2024

I had a magpie well 2 magpies they did some amazing things ever se one fly through the house with lite cigarette in her mouth drink Dr pepper all kinds of crazy stuff if we couldn't find something go look in the flower pots they would stash Thier booty

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