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Neil the Seal: An Unexpected Excuse for a Day Off Work

seal under car

In the unexpected Tasmania encounter with Neil the seal, a local woman faced a unique challenge when she found this massive elephant, Neil the seal blocking her car. This extraordinary event highlights the remarkable and often amusing interactions between Tasmanian wildlife and residents.

seal under car
Image credit: ABC News (Australia)

The Morning Of The Encounter

Imagine waking up, ready for a typical day at work, only to find a massive 600kg (approximately 1300 pounds) elephant seal, affectionately known as Neil, lounging in your driveway, completely obstructing your car. This unusual scenario was the reality for Amber Harris, a resident of Tasmania, who discovered that the local seal celebrity had chosen her yard for a rest, turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary story.

Meet Neil the Seal

Neil the Seal is a well-known figure in the Hobart area of Tasmania. Recognizable by his tagging, Neil enjoys basking in the sun on the roads and playing with traffic cones. His antics have made him a local celebrity, and residents like Amber Harris have grown accustomed to his presence around the beaches.

Watch Tasmania Encounter With Neil The Seal

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An Unexpected Barrier

On this particular day, Neil decided to explore new territory and ended up in Amber Harris’s yard, taking a nap in front of her car. This presented a unique challenge for Harris, who soon realized there was no way she was leaving her home with Neil comfortably settled in her driveway.

When Wildlife Meets the Workday

seal under car
Image credit: ABC News (Australia)

With this peculiar situation, Harris contacted her boss to explain her unexpected predicament. With photographs as evidence, her workplace found the situation amusing, recognizing that one does not simply move a 600kg seal on a whim.

Dealing with a Seal-sized Obstacle

Harris considered luring Neil away with food, but a wildlife expert advised against it, noting that elephant seals typically come ashore for hibernation, lasting three to four weeks, and are unlikely to eat during this period. Fortunately for Harris, Neil eventually grew bored of his spot and moved on, though she expressed that he was welcome back anytime – preferably outside of work hours.

A Day to Remember

This incident highlights the unique interactions between humans and wildlife, particularly in areas like Tasmania where nature often meets civilization. Neil the Seal’s unexpected visit provided not just an amusing excuse for a day off work but also a reminder of the wonders and unpredictability of the natural world around us.

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