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Rhino Attacks Car in Kruger National Park

Rhino Attacks Car

The wild terrains of Kruger National Park in South Africa are known for their breathtaking wildlife encounters. However, sometimes these encounters can take a turn for the unexpected, as a recent video capturing a rhino’s aggressive attacking a car reveals.

Rhino Attacks Car
Credit: Alexandra Poier

A Terrifying Encounter

The video begins with a serene drive through the park, with visitors hoping to glimpse Africa’s majestic wildlife. But the calm is soon shattered when a massive rhino appears. Without warning, the rhino charges, targeting the car.

The Power of Nature

The sheer force of the rhino’s attack is evident. Despite its sturdy build, the car is no match for the mighty creature. The vehicle shakes under the impact, highlighting the raw strength of the wild animal.

A Reminder of the Wild’s Unpredictability

YouTube video
Youtube / This is Happening

While Kruger National Park offers visitors a chance to witness wildlife up close, this video is a stark reminder of nature’s unpredictability. No matter how accustomed to human presence, animals can be unpredictable, and caution is always advised.

Going Viral

The video has since made waves online, with viewers expressing a mix of awe at the rhino’s power and concern for the safety of park visitors. Many have reiterated the importance of maintaining a safe distance from wild animals and respecting their space.


YouTube video

The video of the rhino’s attack in Kruger National Park is a gripping watch, showcasing the raw power of nature. It serves as a reminder of the respect and caution we must exercise when in the presence of wild animals, ensuring our safety and theirs.

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