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Watch: A Husky’s First Time in Snow

By Flickr user abkfenris - Flickr here, CC BY 2.0,

Levi’s Road to Recovery and Snow

Levi, the husky, has had a hard start to life. He was rescued from Iran and flown through to Canada, where his new owner looked after him. Upon his first bath, his new owner could feel every bone in his body. He was frail and undernourished. Levi showed little interest in food and spent most of his days sleeping. His new owner grew more concerned as his lethargic behavior continued. After multiple veterinary visits and tests, Levi was diagnosed with a tick-borne disease. Thankfully, the disease was caught soon enough, and Levi could recover live to see snow.

By The Dodo via YouTube

A Transformation in Personality

Image by Mitchell Henderson via Unsplash

As Levi regained his health, his energetic personality emerged. His newfound energy was most evident in his discovery of snow. For Levi, snow became an endless source of joy and play. This transformation from a lethargic to an energetic dog highlights the resilience of husky’s

A Breed Born for the Snow

A 'sable'-colored Siberian Husky
A ‘sable’-colored Siberian Husky. By Original photo taken by Flickr user Sue and Marty. Edited by User: Pharaoh Hound – Flickr here. Edited by Pharaoh Hound, CC BY 2.5,

Huskies originate from Siberia, where the Chukchi people bred them for sled pulling and companionship. These dogs can withstand extreme cold thanks to their thick double coat, which provides insulation. Additionally, their unique circulatory adaptations allow them to manage in freezing temperatures. This heritage explains why huskies, like Levi, find a particular joy in snowy environments.

Snow: A Playground for Huskies

Husky. By Anouk the husky – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Huskies thrive in snow. Snow offers them a natural playground that stimulates their senses and allows them to engage in behaviors that are deeply ingrained in their genetic makeup. For a husky, snow is an environment where they can express their truest selves since it is the essence of their breed’s history.

Levi’s the Husky’s Legacy

Through Levi’s journey, Levi has become a source of happiness and inspiration for those around him. Levi’s love for snow and the transformation it has brought in his life encourages us to find our own “snow” – that thing that makes us come alive.

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