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Watch Heartwarming Moment: Woman Shares Special Treats with Gorillas She Fostered from Infancy

Woman Feeds Treats to Gorillas
Youtube / @swns

Discover the touching story of a woman who has known two gorillas since birth and now feeds them treats. Thus, showcasing a remarkable bond formed through lifelong dedication to wildlife conservation.

A remarkable video offers a different narrative in a world where the line between humans and wildlife is often rigid. It captures Freya Aspinall, a 20-year-old conservationist from London, in a touching moment with two gorillas, Kifu and Tambabi, who have been part of her life since her earliest days.

A Lifetime Connection

Silverback Gorilla in Uganda
Silverback Gorilla in Uganda. Credit: Jan Otte

Freya’s bond with Silverback Kifu, aged 36, and Tambabi, aged 35, is extraordinary. Since birth, she has been a constant presence in their lives, allowing for a unique relationship to develop. This bond, nurtured over two decades, transcends the usual barriers between humans and gorillas, showcasing a deep mutual understanding and trust.

The Tender Moment

Woman Feeds Treats to Gorillas
Youtube / @swns

In the video, Freya is sitting with the gorillas, handing them treats with a profoundly moving tenderness. The gorillas, in turn, accept the treats with a calmness and familiarity that speak volumes of their bond. This interaction, reminiscent of a caregiver with children, is a poignant reminder of the emotional capacities of gorillas.

The Role of Conservationists

Gorilla Baby in Uganda
Gorilla Baby in Uganda by Jan Otte

Freya’s work exemplifies the critical role of conservationists in wildlife preservation. Conservationists dedicate their lives to protecting endangered species, often forming deep bonds with the animals they care for. Their commitment is vital in raising awareness and driving efforts to preserve these magnificent creatures.

The Plight of Gorillas

gorillas have drama
Gorilla via Unsplash

Gorillas, magnificent yet endangered, face numerous threats, including habitat loss, disease, and poaching. Conservation efforts led by dedicated individuals and organizations are crucial in safeguarding their populations. Freya’s interaction with Kifu and Tambabi highlights the need for ongoing conservation work to ensure these animals continue to thrive.

The Impact of Volunteers

gorilla addicted to screens
silverback big male gorilla looking at camera via Depositphotos

Volunteers like Freya are the unsung heroes of conservation. Their passion and commitment are essential in supporting various conservation initiatives. Their hands-on work plays a significant role in the day-to-day care and study of wildlife, contributing significantly to the broader conservation goals.


gorilla pets groundhog
Mountain Gorilla Pixabay

The relationship between Freya and the gorillas is a heartwarming testament to the impact of human involvement in wildlife conservation. It reminds us that our efforts can foster meaningful connections with wildlife, contributing to their survival and a deeper understanding and appreciation of their place in our world.

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