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Animals That Start With D

Welcome to animals that start with D.

There are many animals that start with D. These animals can be found in all parts of the world, including around you. Here’s a list of twenty animals that start with D.

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Overview of animals that start with D

Dung Beetle




Draco Volans Lizard








Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle

Desert Rain Frog

Desert Locust

Deathwatch Beetle

Death’s Head Cockroach

Darwin’s Frog

Death Adder

Darwin’s Fox

1. Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle - animals that start with d

The Dung Beetle is also known as the scarab. This beetle is famous for its penchant for rolling excrement from place to place.

These animals are picky about their food, as they do not eat just any random pile of feces.

Fun Fact: Dung beetles might be able to orient themselves using the stars of the Milky Way.

2. Duck


These waterfowl can be found on every continent but Antarctica. Ducks have webbed feet and waterproof feathers to survive in their near-aquatic habitats.

They are omnivores that eat fish, crustaceans, insects, and seeds.

Fun Fact: Ducks can sleep with one eye open for protection.

3. Drumfish

 Drumfish - animals that start with D

Drumfishes are usually found in saltwater, but some species live in freshwater. The saltwater species are generally larger than their freshwater counterparts.

The Drumfish is bottom-dwelling, and it feeds on crustaceans, fishes, and insects along lake floors.

Fun Fact: Drumfishes get their names from the loud drum-like sounds they make with their swim bladders.

4. Dragonfish

Dragonfish - animals that start with D

These fishes get their name from their fearsome appearance. Dragonfishes have large heads, broad jaws, and terrifying teeth.

Male Dragonfishes are nearly ten times the size of females. Most of them don’t have scales.

Fun Fact: Dragonfishes have red chlorophyll in their eyes, with which they attract prey.

5. Draco Volans Lizard

Draco Volans Lizard

‘Draco Volans’ is Latin for flying dragon. This lizard has a winglike membrane supported by its ribs. But the Draco Volans Lizard doesn’t really fly. Instead, it glides.

These lizards spend most of their days in trees, and the males are territorial.

Fun Fact: Draco Volans Lizards can glide for about 26 feet.

6. Douc

Douc - animals that start with d

This monkey can be found in Indochina and can be called a langur. It is one of the most colorful monkeys globally, with coats in white, red, and gray shades.

Fun Fact: Douc populations were drastically affected by the Vietnam War and have yet to be replenished.

7. Donkey

Donkey - animals that start with d

Donkeys have been domesticated for more than 5000 years. They can be seen in almost all parts of the world.

Donkeys used to be called asses until the word fell out of use —for obvious reasons.

Fun Fact: Donkeys can bond to other farm animals, and separating a bonded donkey can lead to death.

8. Dolphin

Dolphins - animals that start with d

Many people know of these playful, intelligent sea mammals. But if you don’t, you’re in for a treat. These animals are so smart that some have been trained to help humans even as early as the 1960s

Fun Fact: Dolphin brains are larger than those of humans.

9. Discus

Discus - animals that start with d

The Discus is a fish that mainly lives in the waters of the Amazon basin. They are colorful and quite popular as aquarium fishes for that.

Fun Fact: The Discus can change colors based on environmental conditions and mood.

10. Dingo


Dingoes are wild dogs native to the continent of Australia. These dogs exhibit the pack mentality and hunting styles of the wolf.

Fun Fact: Only the alpha male and female Dingoes can mate in a pack.

11. Dik-Dik

Dik-dik - an animal that starts with d

You can find these small deer in Africa. The Dik-Dik is usually about 12-16 inches in height and may weigh as little as 15 pounds.

Fun Fact: Dik-Diks are territorial and mark their turf with a liquid produced in sacs near their eyes.

12. Dhole


These wild dogs look like a cross between a gray wolf and a red fox. Dholes used to be widespread, but now, they can only be found in parts of Asia.

Fun Fact: An adult Dhole can gorge itself on meat, then regurgitate it later to feed members of its pack.

13. Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle

Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle

This insect’s name is indicative of its interesting history. During the middle ages, people believed that this beetle could curse someone by pointing its tail in their direction.

Its fearsome appearance and painful bite may be the source of the superstition.

Fun Fact: Devil’s Coach Horse Beetles can emit a foul gas to repel predators.

14. Desert Rain Frog

Desert Rain Frog - animals that start with d

The most noticeable thing about the Desert Rain Frog is its transparent skin. These animals usually live underneath the sand in South Africa and Namibia.

Desert Rain frogs can’t hop.

Fun Fact: Desert Rain frogs don’t drink water. Instead, they absorb it through their skin.

15. Desert Locust

Desert Locust

These insects look just like grasshoppers, with long hindlegs and compound eyes. Locusts can travel in a swarm at speeds of 21 miles per hour.

They can congregate in swarms of about 80 million individuals and raid entire grain fields in hours.

Fun Fact: Locusts change colors when they gather, going from neutral shades to bright yellow.

16. Deathwatch Beetle

Deathwatch Beetle - animals that start with d

The tapping of the Deathwatch Beetle in wooden walls used to be seen as an omen of death. But it is just a mating ritual.

The male Deathwatch Beetle taps on the wood and the female responds. They keep doing this till the male finds the female by tracing the direction of the taps.

Fun Fact: The adult Deathwatch Beetle only lives for two months.

17. Death’s Head Cockroach

Death’s Head Cockroach - animals that start with d

This is one cockroach that is serves as a pet to some animal lovers. The Death’s Head Cockroach originates from the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.

These cockroaches can get up to two inches long. It gets its name from the black markings on its thorax.

Fun Fact: Death’s Head Cockroaches can live up to a year.

18. Darwin’s Frog

Darwin’s Frog

This frog is named after Charles Darwin, who discovered it on his ‘Voyage of Beagle.’ Darwin’s frogs are found in Chile and Argentina. But they can be hard to find, as they make themselves look like dried leaves.

Fun Fact: Male Darwin’s frogs keep their young in their vocal sacs for 50-70 days.

19. Death Adder

Death Adder - animals that start with d

The Death Adder is native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. These snakes are good at blending into their surroundings.

Fun Fact: The Death Adder has the longest fangs of any Australian snake.

20. Darwin’s Fox

Darwin’s Fox - animals that start with d

You can find these animals in some parts of South America. Darwin’s foxes aren’t foxes; they just look like them.

Fun Fact: Darwin’s fox is endangered because humans used to hunt it for its pelt.

Summary of animals that start with d

We’ve come to the end of the list, and we hope you enjoyed it. Here is another interesting one for animals that start with O and look at Animals with T as well. See you there.