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Are you looking for the best A-Z Animal List? We collected the best Animals lists with Animals that start with each letter. From A to Z.

My love for animals is something that I never grew out of. The number of animals in the world is astounding. There are close to 5 billion species.

Some animal groups include cats (there’s more than just mammals), birds or insects- it really does seem like there’s one for every type of creature out their except maybe snakes and spiders.

The sheer variety can be perceived as both fascinating yet overwhelming at times; we’re always curious about what new discoveries will come next?

10 loveliest Orange Animals in the World

Welcome to our fun article about lovely orange animals. Orange is a fun, vibrant color, with the promise of youthfulness, exuberance, and excitement. It is a mix between yellow and red, meaning that in a certain bright light, orange can very well look like yellow. Yellow, for one, is a color that depicts fun and …

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10 Most Exciting Purple Animals

Welcome to this article about the 10 most exciting purple animals. Think of a purple animal; what’s the animal that comes to mind? None, right? Exactly! Purple is a rare color in nature because plants and animals cannot produce pigments for the color. It’s this rarity, perhaps, that makes purple a color associated with royalty. …

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10 White Animals

Welcome to this article about 10 white animals. Nature is typical for its diversity and distinctiveness in shape, form, and color. In the animal kingdom, colors are a big deal, and they sometimes indicate an animal’s sex, mating availability, individuality, or toxicity. Of course, animal colors can also serve as protection to hide from predators …

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10 Yellow Animals

Coming across yellow animals in everyday life is exceedingly rare. Perhaps this is because many of the creatures Mother Nature has blessed with this vivid and fascinating color mainly inhabit the wild and are less domesticated. Still, if you’re adventurous enough, you’ll probably come across some of the creatures we’ll discuss in this article at …

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