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Arrested For Kicking A Bison In Yellowstone

Bison via Unsplash

Never would I think a human would want to hurt a bison, especially where they are protected in Yellowstone National Park.

In the vast expanse of Yellowstone National Park, where nature reigns supreme and wildlife roams freely, there are certain unspoken rules. One of them being: don’t mess with the bison. Yet, every now and then, someone decides to test the limits, with consequences as predictable as sunrise.

The Incident

Image via Unsplash

It was a regular day in the park until Clarence Yoder, 40, decided to make a bold move. Witnesses reported seeing him harassing a herd of bison, culminating in the inexplicable act of kicking one of them in the leg. As if nature itself had a way of asserting its authority, the bison didn’t take kindly to the intrusion and retaliated, leaving Yoder nursing minor injuries.

Facing the Consequences

Wildlife in Europe. Bison herd in the autumn forest, sunny scene with big brown animal in the nature habitat, yellow leaves on the trees, Bialowieza NP, Poland.
Image by OndrejProsicky via Depositphotos

Park rangers swiftly intervened, apprehending Yoder and subsequently jailing him after receiving medical treatment. His 37-year-old companion, McKenna Bass, didn’t escape unscathed either, facing charges of her own. The duo, hailing from Idaho Falls, found themselves entangled in a legal web, with charges ranging from disorderly conduct to disturbing wildlife.

Lessons Learned

European bison.
Bisons can run faster than horses. Image via Charles J. Sharp, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Despite being the largest land mammal in North America, bison are not to be trifled with. Yellowstone officials continuously stress the importance of maintaining a safe distance from all wildlife, emphasizing a minimum of 25 yards. Yet, some still choose to test fate, often with painful repercussions.

Want to Fight a Bison?

Image by Jonathan Mast via Unsplash

Bison, the largest land mammal of North America, tip the scales at a staggering 2,000 pounds for the bulls. Evidently, despite their bulk, they possess a surprising agility, capable of sprinting up to 40 mph (65 kilometers per hour). 

Wrapping Up with Bison Kicked In Yellowstone

Big old bison in nature.
Big old bison in nature. Image by fotoluxstudio via Depositphotos

As Yellowstone gears up for another bustling summer season, it reminds me of the delicate balance between human beings and nature. While the allure of encountering wildlife up close may be tempting, it’s important to do so with caution and respect. After all, nature always leads. Those who dare to step out of line may find themselves on the receiving end of its less gentle force.

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Lisa Morris

Tuesday 7th of May 2024

Im happy, that idiot who kicked the bison 🦬 stay in jail for a long time.

Sandra Harrity

Monday 6th of May 2024

Was the Bison all right?

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