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If It Weren’t For The Footage Nobody Would Have Believed Them

If It Weren't For The Footage Nobody Would Have Believed Them

A French Bulldog causes a house-wide flood, with its misadventure only coming to light thanks to video evidence!

If It Weren't For The Footage Nobody Would Have Believed Them
Credit: BomberVid

A hilarious incident involving a French Bulldog named Lula has taken the internet by storm, causing fits of laughter across social media platforms. The comical episode unfolded when Lula’s owner, known as House_of_camille on TikTok, decided to share a video capturing the mischievous antics of their beloved Frenchie.

In the now-viral TikTok video, Lula can be seen executing her hilarious mission, which involved maneuvering a hose pipe into her owner’s home. Seizing an opportunity provided by a conveniently left-open dog door, Lula skillfully brought the hose inside and embarked on a playful spree of water splashing.

Initially, Lula’s escapade seemed relatively harmless, resulting in minor water spillage confined to a small area of the room. However, her mischievous spirit wasn’t satisfied with just a modest water display. The determined Frenchie re-entered the house with the hose, strategically placing it right in the middle of the room. What ensued was pure chaos as water cascaded across the room’s hardwood floor, leaving a scene that could only be described as both exasperating and uproariously funny.

Upon entering her home and passing through the living room, the owner found herself perplexed by the scene. It was only after reviewing the footage from her pet cam that she unraveled the mystery and pinpointed the mischievous culprit responsible.

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The Evidence

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Fun Frenchie Facts

french bulldog
  • Origin: French Bulldogs actually originated in England, and lace workers in Nottingham initially bred them as miniature bulldogs during the Industrial Revolution, despite their name. They later gained popularity in France.
  • Appearance: French Bulldogs are a small breed with a compact, muscular body, a wrinkled face, and prominent bat-like ears. They have a distinctive, flat, and pushed-in nose.
  • Temperament: Their affectionate and playful nature is well-known. People often describe French Bulldogs as “clowns in a philosopher’s cloak” because of their comical yet calm demeanor.
  • Great Companions: French Bulldogs excel as companions and earn recognition for their loyalty. They are typically good with children and other pets.
  • Minimal Exercise Needs: While they enjoy short walks and playtime, they are not a very active breed. They are quite content with lounging around the house. This makes them suitable for apartment living.

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Bottom Line

In this uproarious tale of canine mischief, Lula the French Bulldog certainly managed to make a memorable splash, quite literally! The video shared by her owner, House_of_camille, not only entertained the internet but also showcased the unique and sometimes unpredictable charm of our furry companions.

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