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Welcome to the articles on insects.

Scientists estimate that there are about 10 quintillion (that’s a 1 with 18 zeroes after it) individual insects alive on Earth right now.

Entomologists say that for every human on the planet, there are about 200 million insects.

So if you think you’re feeling outnumbered today, just remember that it could be worse! Have you ever seen an insect in your home and wondered how it got there?

Do Ladybugs Bite?

Join us in Exploring the Myth: Do Ladybugs Bite? Ladybugs are truly fascinating creatures, with their symbolic red hue, bold black spots, and playful antics sure to bring joy to even the grumpiest of individuals. From using infestations as natural pest control for your garden to releasing them during special celebratory moments, learning about ladybugs …

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Exploring the World of Maggots

Did you know that squirm-inducing maggots, commonly associated with putrid decay and unsanitary conditions, are actually the superheroes of all ecosystems? In their larval stage of life, these tiny worm-like creatures are key players in the natural decomposition cycle. They work tirelessly to break down organic matter and return nutrients to the soil, thus thriving …

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What do dragonflies eat?

Welcome to What You Didn’t Know About These Amazing Insects; Dragonflies. Let’s fly right in! Have you ever wondered what those graceful, jewel-toned insects zooming around in the air eat? That’s right, we’re talking about dragonflies, those masters of aerial acrobatics that seem to defy gravity. Dragonflies are more than just pretty to look at; they …

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The Hercules Beetle: One of a Kind

The Hercules Beetles, also known as Dynastes Hercules, is not only the largest beetle on the planet – but also one of the most unique. Their impressive size, striking colors, and formidable horns make them a sight to behold, and their behavior is just as fascinating.  These beetles have a complex life cycle, starting as …

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